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If you are looking for good affordable St Catharines treatment programs, call us. Most families with a relative struggling with substance abuse are not quite sure what to do.  Many search the internet and contact the first number they find. Others will call community services for help but end up with what seems like endless red tape. We recognize how difficult it can be for a family to have a member caught in the grips of addiction. Our referral counselors are available to help you find an affordable private drug rehab. Finding lasting sobriety requires a treatment center that is right for your loved one.

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Drug Addiction Treatments in St Catharines

In St Catharines, when choosing the right rehab facility, it may be useful to know a few facts. One thing to remember is that most community drug rehabs will have long waiting lists. The other thing is that your loved one does not have the luxury of time. Addicts need help the moment he or she states that they want help. You cannot put addiction to street drugsprescription med abuse on hold.

One of the reasons why many families across the province are now choosing private facilities over the funded ones is the waiting list. There are various treatment programs in Ontario, but most have waiting lists and long admission processes. Choosing a private program will expedite the process and give a better chance at recovery. A referral counselor can help you find an affordable private residential rehab.

Treatment Programs in St Catharines – Options

Most people will need withdrawal management or medical detox before attending a rehabilitation program. Medical assistance to be weaned off the substance will be required in cases of long term use and heavy alcohol consumption or foreseen medical complications. In most heavy drug or alcohol cases, long-term residential rehab is strongly recommended. Community addiction services offering outpatient programs with group therapy or addiction counseling will not be enough.

A person who has been abusing mind-altering drugs or alcohol for any length of time will not suddenly stop. It doesn’t work like that. The city of St Catharines offers services to help addicts as well as their relatives. These services have their value. If you want to help a person gain some control over their addiction, private is highly recommended. Our counselors are not part of any particular rehab; they are independent counselors. We can help you find the best affordable substance abuse recovery program for that specific person you know.

St Catharines Drug Addiction Treatment – Private Rehabs

The best reason for St Catharines residents to use a referral counselor is to receiver the right guidance. When seeking help for a loved one and their addiction, you actually will do better with an independent counselor. An independent counselor is someone separate from any drug rehab treatment program.

This is where our referral counselor is different. He or she knows many affordable private treatment centers across Canada. You cannot afford to wait or hold off helping your addicted relative. It’s always more beneficial to act now. So stop your search for a St Catharines drug addiction treatment center and call.

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