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To get help right now locating a St. Thomas drug rehab center in the private sector call our number. Speak to one of our experienced referral counselors. He or she will be there to help guide you to affordable treatment programs suited to your needs and particular situation. If you are looking for a St. Thomas drug rehab but getting nowhere call us. Considering the seriousness of drugs being sold on the streets of St. Thomas like “purple fentanyl.” According to local police, this is the street name for a mix of fentanyl, carfentanyl, or heroin. This deadly combination is a real gamble with one’s life.

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Addiction Referral and Consultation Services

At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we understand the issues at hand. Our experience stems from almost two decades of dealing with families and the addict. Our goal is to find affordable substance abuse treatment programs that are suited to your needs. Understanding the effects that drugs, including alcohol, have on a person is only part of the problem. The real issue is getting the addict first to accept help. Then it’s getting them into a suitable facility that will be right for them.

St. Thomas Drug Rehab Centers – Public-Access

Whether in St. Thomas or elsewhere in the province, our counselors can help you decide on the right treatment center. There are hundreds of detox and rehab centers. Most detox centers in Ontario will offer withdrawal, only not rehabilitation. Which means that your loved one will have to transfer to a treatment program.

Then there are rehab programs that will not accept the person if they’ve used within four or five days. The transfer should be done almost immediately knowing the nature of an addict. But most public-access beds have waiting lists; this makes the situation a bit harder to manage.

St. Thomas Drug Rehab Facilities – Our Service

When you call, our referral addiction counselors will do a general assessment and a toxicity evaluation to propose the best options. You care about that person in St. Thomas, it’s only natural to care about their treatment option. Overworked staff and the wrong treatment approach all contribute to redirecting attention off the real problem and onto the existing situations. There are many affordable treatment centers in Ontario to help your loved one.

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At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we will do all we can to help you arrive at the right drug rehab in Canada. The only question; is how fast? You can stall, give reasons why you should wait, accept your loved one’s promises to change, or the “I will do better” and “I can stop on my own.” But the fact remains that substance abuse will bring about many reasons not to deal with it.

A person can be losing everything dear to them and still not recognize it; this is part and parcel of addiction. You need to be above this and know that getting help now is the right action. Don’t wait for a dreaded phone call from the St. Thomas authorities, do something effective now.

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