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When dealing with a loved one’s addiction, looking for a Stratford drug rehab center can be easy. Help is a phone call away, 1-888-488-8434, for assistance in finding an affordable treatment center servicing Stratford. At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, our referral counselors will work with you to find the most suited private detox or treatment program. You know that a relative is struggling with substance abuse, but what do you do about it? Give us a call.

Addiction, Referral & Consultation Counselors

Our referral counselors understand addiction and are familiar with options for families in Stratford. Most likely, you inquired from local treatment facilities, and maybe you got some guidance, perhaps not. The solution for quick admission, when dealing with mind-altering substances, is an affordable private rehab. Our Counselors have years of experience and can help find the proper treatment for addiction. They do not represent one center; they are independent referral agents.

Stratford Drug Rehab & Referral Services

We offer our assistance and referral to private treatment centers across Canada. We understand the struggles, pain, anxieties, and sorrows that family members suffer from a relative’s addiction. Whether it’s an addiction to heroin, cocaine abuse, prescription med overuse, or alcoholism, there is hope. Law enforcement does all they can to stop the trafficking of these dangerous substances. But a lot of these drugs still get into your community in Stratford. Let our referral addiction counselors work with you and get the process towards sobriety started.

Addiction, Referral & Consultation for Stratford

When you call us, one of our counselors will take the call. Our goal is to get your loved one in an affordable treatment program. To determine your best options, we will start by a general assessment and a substance abuse evaluation. Once this necessary information is known, we will guide you towards the best service and help you to proceed. We can also set up an immediate call from an addiction intake counselor at the chosen center. They will then give you information on admissions and further needed information for that facility.

Stratford Drug Rehab Centers & Hope

The one thing that you must consider is how fast you act to help your son, daughter, or spouse. Many family members tend to brush off a relative’s substance misuse or addiction. Adding time will only bring about more sorrow and risks to one and all. Dependency does not suddenly stop or go away. Conditions of this sort require professional addiction counseling in a residential treatment center. We can help. Our referral counselors can put you in contact with an affordable private drug rehab center in Ontario. All you need to do, in Stratford, is call the number below. We care and can help you and your loved one.


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If you think that a private center is not an option for your family, you can consult this website:, or call 1-866-531-2600.
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