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Private Drug & Alcohol Treatments

We are not a drug and alcohol rehab in Sudbury. Although we help locate the right private treatment center for Sudbury residents. Calling our number will put you in contact with professional referral and consultation counselors. These professionals possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of substance abuse. They can guide you accordingly.

We do not represent any specific private rehab. However, we match your circumstances and requirements to a program that will relate to you. We also consider the family’s income and explore cost-effective private treatments. Our service is free and across Canada.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sudbury

When you Call our Hotline

When you contact our counselors, you can expect confidential and courteous support.

Following the initial contact, your counselors will

    • conduct a general assessment to determine the severity of the addiction.
    • ask legal and medical questions to identify the best course of action.


Once this step is done, they will either:

    • guide you toward suitable private rehabilitation centers in Ontario or
    • recommend the appropriate service for your loved one.


They will arrange for the selected drug rehab to call you in Sudbury. Our counselors will stay connected with you until your loved one is on the needed service. And they can assist with any situation you may face when helping your loved one.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sudbury

What Sudbury residents should know

Understanding that alcohol is a drug and influences an individual’s behavior and thought processes is crucial when addressing alcoholism. It is also essential to note that those suffering from severe alcoholism may require medical detoxification.

In Sudbury, individuals who heavily consume alcohol or other specific drugs may face health risks without proper medical detox. Abruptly stopping alcohol and other drugs can have severe and even life-threatening effects. But not all private treatment centers offer medical detox services. Thus, guiding high-risk patients to reliable medical detox facilities is crucial.

Calling for help in Sudbury.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sudbury

Available Services Across Canada

The necessity of a residential rehab center varies from person to person. Depending on the severity of addiction, some individuals may require long-term rehabilitation, while others may not. Our referral counselors consider the type of drug, length of addiction, frequency of use, and more to tailor their guidance accordingly.

    • Medical Detox Centers

As mentioned above, medical detox is typically not required for most cases. However, for severe alcoholism, this service may be necessary. Detoxification from alcohol and certain other substances can be complicated, physically demanding, and sometimes life-threatening.

    • Residential Treatments

This type of program involves living within a supportive environment. The duration of a residential program will vary depending on the addiction severity and duration. Private drug rehab centers usually provide detox and addiction treatment services, eliminating the need to seek separate facilities. Learn more about short and long-term treatment programs.

    • Outpatient and Addiction Counseling

If someone feels like they’re losing control but can still manage their daily responsibilities, seeking support from an addiction counselor or attending a day or evening outpatient program may provide sufficient assistance. Learn more about addiction counseling and outpatient programs.

    • Addiction Recovery Coaching Service

Although not intended for heavy cases, addiction recovery coaching services aim to equip individuals with practical life skills that can apply to everyday scenarios. This service empowers individuals to regain control over their substance use. Learn more about the recovery coaching program.