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Private Drug & Alcohol Treatments

The most efficient method to find help from a drug and alcohol treatment center in Sudbury is to speak with a referral and consultation counsellor. Their experience in the field of substance abuse is available to you. We do not represent any one private drug rehab center. Yet we can help find the right private drug and alcohol rehab center across Canada that suits your situation and particular needs. Please see the paragraphs below if you are unsure how to address your loved one’s substance abuse or alcoholism.

Alcohol Rehab Sudbury

What residents should know

The first item to know about alcoholism is that alcohol is a drug. It does alter the behaviour and thought process of an individual. Another important piece of information is that someone suffering from alcoholism may need medical detox. A person in Sudbury who is a heavy consumer of alcohol and other specific drugs will find that without medical detox, there are health risks. The effects of coming off alcohol and some drugs can be dramatic and life-threatening. Also, not all private drug and alcohol rehab centers will have a team to dispense medical detox. Though detox services are available, high-risk patients should be guided to quality medical detox facilities.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sudbury

Getting a Relative to Seek Help

Drug addiction can be found in all cities, including Sudbury. Getting a relative to accept going to a drug rehab center can, at times, be difficult. Some substance abusers will openly state wanting help, making your part easy. Others, having stayed too long in this condition, may not have the capacity to ask for help. The key here is how to talk to an addict. Done right, this action can open the door to an honest conversation and exchange of opinions. You are then a step closer. If you feel uneasy about it all, we will answer all the questions you may have. We can coach on what to do, say or not say and why it should be this way. Be assured there is always hope with a variety of addiction treatment approaches.

Rehab Sudbury

Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction

Public access drug and alcohol treatment centers exist in Sudbury. You can find these services by consulting ConnexOntario’s or OATC’s website (see below). Most of these Sudbury rehabilitation centers will offer programs based on the 12-step model and apply this to all users. There exist, in fact, a wide variety of treatment approaches to alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

In the private sector, many affordable addiction treatment centers use methods other than the 12-step. You can find such recovery therapies as vitamin therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, animal therapy, Yoga, etc. Many are as support actions to the key addiction counselling sessions. Knowing private drug rehab and what services they offer is another way we can assist your search.

Alternative Treatment Approaches Post-pandemic in Sudbury

It goes without saying that we have all been affected in one way or another by the pandemic of 2020. It includes the Sudbury addiction services and others. More people are now concerned about heading into groups and social gatherings. It is especially true with those that are ill or have health issues. Since then, there have been an increasing number of health care providers offering online consultations.

We now offer this type of service at Addiction Referral & Consultation Services. Our unique online addiction recovery coaching can be an alternative to outpatient treatment programs – if one qualifies. You can find more information on this through our online Addiction Recovery Coaching services page. You can also read about the improvements people have had through this service.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Sudbury

& Change of Environment


Waiting to do something is not an option. The only result of waiting is more painful days of substance abuse. One of the most beneficial actions to help anyone suffering with mind-altering substances is changing the environment where one lives. This action alone will instantly improve a person’s outlook on life. Getting out of Sudbury for addiction treatment can let the person disengage from the everyday turmoil. It allows them to focus elsewhere than on daily problems and triggering surroundings.

We have helped thousands of people suffering from alcohol abuse and drug addiction find affordable solutions. Regaining happiness and having a substance-free life is what it’s about in the long run. But it all starts with the right rehab treatment center and suitable addiction treatment approach.

Public access addiction recovery centers in Sudbury:

Visit AOTC‘s or ConnexOntario‘s website