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If you have a loved one seeking help with addiction and you’re looking into Yukon drug rehab centres, we might be able to help you. Calling our toll-free number will connect you to an experienced referral counsellor who knows the ins and outs of rehabilitation. They understand addiction to street drugs, prescription meds, and alcohol. It does not matter how far north one might be; drug traffickers and dealers will always find clients.

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Drug Rehab in the Yukon

Whitehorse has seen a spike in drug addiction over the last few decades, and it is cause for concern. Especially for the younger generation trying to get along or fit in. Each city and town will offer some form of support for substance abuse. Often this is not a long-term solution. The most successful means to deal with addiction is through a residential treatment centre. But finding the right program for your loved one can be a trying affair. Our referral addiction counsellors will work with you. They will propose the best options for private programs servicing the Yukon and its surrounding areas.

Yukon Drug Rehab & Getting Help

We realize that getting help in the Yukon can be a tricky affair. That is why we offer our referral and consultation services. Our referral counsellor can work with you to find the most suitable substance abuse treatment for Yukon residents. You can find support groups that help anyone who quit drugs or alcohol. But this is not a substitute for a good affordable residential treatment program.

Yukon Treatment Programs & Referral Counsellors

When you contact our referral counsellors, they will do a general assessment and get the present existing situation. They will then be able to propose a proper rehab centre that is best suited to your loved one and their particular situation. Remember, not all residential centres have the same program for substance abuse treatment. Some will have the 12-step model; others will have a faith-based program or cognitive therapy. Then again, there are holistic approaches. Which is best suited to that person you care about is where our experience can benefit you. With years of working in the field of substance abuse, we can propose the best solution for you and yours in the Yukon.


Yukon Drug Rehab Facilities – Professional Help

Whether in Whitehorse, Dawson city, or other communities in the Yukon, waiting will not change the behaviour of your loved one. Addicted to fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, and similar illicit drug, including alcohol, will not suddenly stop or go away. These conditions require professional addiction counselling. We can get you in contact with reputed private treatment centres servicing the people of the Yukon. You will find most private facilities in the lower lands.

But a change of environment does increase a person’s potential for a sober life. For proven results, take the time and make the call. You have it in you to change a relative’s life. Talk to one of our addiction referral counsellors.  If you are looking for a Yukon drug rehab service, start the process by dialling our number. You can also request a callback.

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1 888-488-8434
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To find help and support for yourself about someone else’s drinking, go to BC – Yukon Al-Anon.