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Our referral and consultation service has come into existence because we know the trouble a family comes across when a family member needs help with substance abuse. Our healthcare system is overwhelmed by demands. There are many private drug rehab center in Canada to compensate for this situation.

Private centers in Canada have different price ranges and financial arrangements to fit your budget. Don’t wait! Call and talk to our referral counselor today and find out about the help that is available to you. Our service is confidential and we can answer any of your questions, guide you and help you through this process. There is an affordable drug rehab center for you.


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What is Drug Addiction?

A person who is compelled to use mind altering substances to generate pleasure or any other sensation, despite dangers to this individual, his or her family and society in general has a substance abuse problem. This also includes prescription medication, inhalants and it also includes alcohol.

Physical dependence is characterized by tolerance (the need to increase the dosage to achieve the initial effect) and withdrawal symptoms appearing with abstinence.

Some say that a person needs to hit rock bottom in order to get help. Unfortunately for some rock bottom means jail time or worst… death. This can be avoided with the help of a process called intervention. There is something that one can do to change circumstances in another person’s life. Read more

Getting Help for Rehabilitation in Canada

Funded Centers

Most provinces in Canada have a registry for drug addiction treatments or a helpline to assist its population. In general these refer people to government funded addiction rehabilitation centers. Most funded centers, unfortunately, have a waiting list sometimes spanning months.

In most governmental centers the person must be “Detoxed’’ beforehand or be free of drugs for a certain amount of time, sometimes for 24 hours and can be up to 5 days before admission. Also the addicted person will be expected to make the phone call for admission. The individual will have several interviews before admission in order to assess the degree of addiction and mental and physical state.

Private Centers

In Canada there are many different private drug treatment centers scattered across the provinces. The majority of these will admit a person in a moment’s notice. Some are partly subsidized by the government making them more affordable while others are not. This accounts for the different pricing coupled with the number of staff and their qualification. Other differences are also the luxury of the center and the extra amenities available.

Not All Drug Treatment Programs are the Same

Everybody has heard of 12-step-program. On average this is what is basically learned in drug rehabs for the greater majority of government subsidized drug treatment centers. They also offer group therapy and individual therapy. The funded centers will adhere to the recommended guidelines. Whereas the private sector, not being subjected to the same guidelines, will have more options to offer. There are many different types of treatments and many people will benefit in knowing the differences.

Which Drug Rehab Approach is the Best?

Some people have had success with the 12-step, others may have had better success with a holistic drug rehab while others will do well with drug substitution. It all depends on the person seeking the help.

It is hard enough to recover from substance abuse without being asked to do something you’re uncomfortable with, or don’t have conviction in, why make it harder than it has to be?

Information on Drugs

There are several different types of drugs that may cause severe drug addiction problems, including prescription drugs and street drugs. The street drugs are particularly life-threatening due to the unknown origins of the different types of varieties of drugs sold. Drugs sold by the drug dealers contain several toxic additives to save on production costs. Learn more about these dangerous drugs.

Drug Rehab in Canada & Help with Drug Addiction

If you are in need of a good drug rehabilitation program or someone you love is, the seemingly insurmountable never-ending pain and turmoil can stop. A drug rehab center in Canada is suited for your situation! Don’t hesitate, get help now and take a step towards a better life.


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