My Son is Addicted to Drugs: What Should I Do?

There is uncertainty about what to do when you discover that your daughter or son is addicted to drugs. Watching someone struggle with an addiction is difficult, and not knowing what to do is even harder. Amidst the current opioid epidemic throughout much of North America, many parents are only seeing horror stories about overdosing. Worry and sleepless nights become a norm, so what should you do?

What do I do if my Son is Addicted to Drugs?

Worried man. My son is addictedThe initial reaction is, of course, extreme worry and concern. But the question asked; what do I do when my son is addicted to drugs? In fact, there are many things that parents can do to help a child addicted to drugs. The first step is open and honest communication. When a person starts to experiment with drugs, there is a reason, and of course, every family dynamic is different. But communication is the real starting point.

On the Defensive

Unfortunately, attached to using drugs is lots of guilt and shame and hiding it from your parents. As parents, it is okay not to like what they are doing, but it is crucial to help them understand that they are loved, and the support is there to help them. Most people may become defensive and communicate; there is no problem, or they only tried it once or use it occasionally. If this is the case, understand that most people do not have the information about what drugs and alcohol are. How it impacts the mind and body. And more importantly, the common reasons why people start to use drugs.

Getting Help: my Son or Daughter is Addicted to Drugs

Within the field of drug and alcohol treatment, there are many experts, and of course, up-to-date information is always available on the Internet. However, if the substance abuse has come to a point where the family feels immediate help is needed, and their daughter or son is addicted to drugs, it is important to contact referral agencies. The referral process will help families find the best possible treatment options and explore all the solutions that can best help their relative. Every type of substance abuse is fundamentally different with unique problems and underlying issues. With that in mind, it is essential to get the proper kind of help.

Public-Access Treatment or Private Drug Rehabs

Even though there will be lengthy admission processes and waiting lists, most parents end up turning to the public-access sector for help. Within the private substance abuse treatment centers, families will find there are no waiting lists or complicated admission. And many programs can be tailored to meet specific needs. Private drug treatment programs in Canada often provide more in-depth treatment options, whether it is long-term or short-term. Referral agencies can help families walk through this process and explore the various options. More importantly, get the help that their loved one needs. Watching your son or your daughter addicted to drugs is difficult, but not knowing what to do is even harder. Start the process of finding help, the solutions are there, and caring individuals are available to point you in the right direction.

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