Marc Bernard

Addiction Referral
Counselor & Author

Marc started working in the field of substance abuse in 1998. Having overcome his own addiction in his early life and wanting to help others find sobriety. He trained and interned as a detox supervisor and case supervision. His addiction struggles gave him a keen insight into case supervision and what addicts face and live while rehabbing.

Marc also realized that our country could not service all. Unfortunately, our HealthCare system is unable to give swift aid to those in need; that is true in all spheres of health care, including drug rehabilitation. With his wife, they started Addiction Referral & Consultation Services to bring help to family and addicts.

Marc saw that families and relatives lack straight forward talk. Assistance and guidance in addiction for a family member and the available treatment approaches are nonexistent. For the last six years, he and other counselors have been doing just that, informing and helping families towards the most suitable private facilities. The company has since helped many hundreds find hope and sobriety and continues to do so. We can also assist with federal and provincial funded services.

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