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At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we recognise that substance abuse comes with social stigma and lies. We believe that everyone has the right to be helped and that this help should be as immediate as possible. We know that Health Canada is overwhelmed by demands, and like any other service provided by our Healthcare system, there are waitlists.

We offer our services to alleviate the burden experienced by some families through private services online or across the country. There is various price range when it comes to residential drug rehabilitation. However, many good treatment programs cost less than the price of a sub-compact car. We want to mention that we are independent referral agents and do not represent any particular centre. Following are our services in more detail.

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Referral Services

Finding help can often be difficult when dealing with a loved one’s addiction to any mind-altering substances. Unfortunately, you search the internet and find centres telling you their program is the best. It is something you’d expect coming from a facility they couldn’t say anything else. This statement can be accurate, but it isn’t absolute in all cases.

Each individual is unique, with a distinctive personality, particular needs, and a personal story. This distinctiveness should always take precedence when a person seeks help. Centres have different methods to treat substance abuse, and not all of these work for everybody. Choosing the right treatment program is crucial in recovery. When you call us, we take the time to listen and ask questions to find the best-suited solution. We cater to families across Canada by putting them in contact with the best centre for their situation.

Substance Abuse Assessments

A person may need a counsellor’s evaluation to satisfy legal requirements, HR, employment, or qualification in certain situations. Many different reasons or circumstances require this document. Our Certified Drug & Alcohol Specialist can provide this service to you. It consists of a series of questions in specific areas of life. The full service can be delivered within 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the person’s present circumstances. This service is at a fixed rate.

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching

Some people struggle with their substance abuse but have some control over their lives to a certain extent. They are often called “high-functional addicts” but seen as social drinkers or casual drug users. In any case, the situation may not appear as a problem, but it is a mere appearance. The person might feel a greater loss of control over the substance or want to be successful at quitting.

An assessment is made to see if the person qualifies for online recovery coaching. It comes in blocks of either eight sessions -comprised of a one-hour session twice a week for four weeks or 15 sessions –a one-hour session three times per week for five weeks.

The structured sessions will increase your understanding of cravings, strengthen your control, and give you new perspectives. This service is not intended to replace any physician’s advice or a standard residential drug rehabilitation program.

You do not need to be a victim of any substance. We believe you can become the boss of your life.

Addiction recovery coaching

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