Drugs have been part of our society for centuries. Lately, opioids have made first page. Before opioids it was Oxy, through Canada you could hear of overdoses. Here, in these blogs, you will read of the different drugs raging through our Canadian societies.

Opiate Related Death in Quebec

Opiate Related Deaths Overdoses in Quebec For immediate help with opiate addiction, call our toll-free number and talk to our referral counsellor today. They can

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Marijuana and DUI

Marijuana and DUI For help now with marijuana addiction call our toll-free number and speak with our marijuana addiction counselor who will be able to assist you

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OxyNEO or OxyContin

OxyNEO or OxyContin A New Form of Relief This new form of pain relief is Canada’s solution to an addiction epidemic found with OxyContin abusers.

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Opioid Crisis

Will decriminalization handle the Opioid crisis? Well to answer this question it would help to know something about what the Opioid crisis or epidemic really

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A Drug Story

A Drug Story The Addiction of a young lady When Lorie was a child, she was wonderful. She smiled and laughed, played with her toys,

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