Searching for a Private Drug Rehab in Calgary or Nearby?

When searching for drug rehab in Calgary, there are a few things to remember. We will cover this subject in more detail on this page. Choosing the right treatment service is important, as you will see in the next paragraphs. Not everybody wants a private rehab, so we’ve compiled a list of funded services below.

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 Looking for a Funded Drug Rehab in Calgary?

Here are facilities in or around Calgary. Please feel free to contact these centres directly.

Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre Calgary

Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre offers care where young people, their parents, peer counsellors and specially trained staff work together. It is a long-term, semi-residential program using the 12-step model, leading to total abstinence. Most AARC clients may receive a subsidy from donations, grants and fundraising initiatives when eligible.

Youth Centre. Contact Info

Alberta Men’s Centre: Teen Challenge Canada (Priddis, AB)

The Alberta Men’s Centre is a long-term (12-month) residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment program near Calgary in Priddis, Alberta. It is a faith-based program.

For Adult Male. Contact Info

Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women Calgary

Alcove provides safe, long-term, and family-style residential accommodation for women seeking recovery. Alcove is a long-term treatment program with the support of professional and compassionate counsellors. Alcove tailors their program to individual needs and strengths.

For Adult Female. Contact Info

Alpha House Calgary

The Calgary Alpha House Society is a non-profit, charitable agency that provides safe and caring environments for individuals affected by alcohol and other drug dependencies. Their services include a Shelter and Detox facility, Outreach Programs, and Housing Programs with intensive case management. The Alpha House helps connect individuals with multiple levels of support.

Detox Centre For Adults. Contact Info

Calgary Dream Centre

It is a faith-based recovery treatment using a holistic transformation to help individuals escape the cycle of homelessness and addiction. The long-term program meets individuals where they are and provides them with tools to move forward into strong, healthy lives. They have a multi-phased recovery process, with each phase solidifying the tools and strategies learned in the last.

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Aventa Calgary

Established in 1970, Aventa provides trauma-informed, gender-specific, residential rehab for women. It offers a holistic treatment approach to help women lead addiction-free lives. At Aventa, women help women build resilience so that they may overcome the effects of trauma and addictions.

For Adult Female. Contact Info

Renfrew Recovery Centre


Renfrew Recovery Centre is a 40-bed residential facility offering medically supported detoxification services to people while they withdraw from the effects of alcohol and other drugs and gambling stabilization.

Renfrew provides 24-hour care by competent, caring staff and is part of the Alberta Health Services.

Adult Detox Centre. Contact Info

Oxford House Foundation

Calgary – Sober Living Homes

Helping People in Recovery Take Their Lives Back. They provide people recovering from addictions a supportive program and safe home to achieve a productive, rewarding, clean and sober life.

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Drug Rehabs in Calgary

What Other Options Do You Have for ?

Outpatient, Addiction Counselling and Recovery Coaching.

A person may feel their problem does not warrant a residential drug rehab in Calgary. Outpatient programs are available. Their length varies from 3 months to a year or more, depending on the case.

Recovery Calgary and Sunrise Healing Lodge offer an outpatient program.

Alberta Health Services also provides outpatient services as well as Living Well Counselling Services. You can find a list of addiction counsellors at Theravive.

You can also find online coaching sessions aimed at people who want to regain more control or need assistance quitting altogether. Not everyone is suited for these above services. If you think these might answer your needs, our referral counsellor can provide you with an assessment to determine your illegibility.

What You Should Look for in a Treatment Centre?

In any drug rehab in Calgary, you will find a protocol for admission in both public and private treatment centres. However, the private sector has a shorter admission process and no or little wait time.

Ideally, a rehab facility should:

  • Have an in-house withdrawal management service

The availability of withdrawal management and the rehabilitation process in one centre removes the likelihood of relapse between each service. It ensures a smooth transition from detox to the treatment program.

 Image: drug rehabs in Calgary.
  • Have experienced staff with hands-on involvement with addiction

Certificates are important, but no school teaches hands-on experience with people suffering from addiction. Knowing the mindset and intricacies of an “addict” is priceless.

  • Be in an area off the beaten path.

When an area is too familiar to a person, it can have a negative impact. Because the region is known, it makes it easier to leave. It is also easier for “drug buddies” to come and visit.

Medical Detox

Some people may need medically supervised detox. Whether a person needs a medical withdrawal depends on their drug of choice. The length of time of the addiction or any underlying medical condition is also considered. Some rehab centres provide medical detox in-house, while others refer to specialized facilities.

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How Long is a Residential Drug Rehab in Calgary?

A drug rehab in Calgary varies in their length. A short-term program usually lasts 30 days, whereas a long-term treatment can last a year or two. Most private rehab centres will have a 30-day, 60-day or 90-day program. In comparison, detox is usually 4 to 7 days but does not address the underlying cause of addiction.

How long treatment should be is always a question when dealing with substance misuse. Users with a longstanding addiction should do a long-term treatment program. Overall, an assessment by a professional should determine and recommend the length of a treatment program.

Do you Need Help to Convince a Loved One?

Dealing with a loved one with substance abuse disorder is difficult. After all, you are seeing someone you love destroy themselves. But how can you deal with the addiction of someone you hold dear? And how can you get them to see they need to do something about it? We suggest reading these articles:

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Please get in touch with us if you need help finding a drug rehab in Calgary. We will provide insight and personalized service.

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