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We are not a treatment centre, and nor do we represent any facility. We offer our assistance to people searching for help in Spruce Grove. You may have come across very little available help. And wait time in the public access area can be quite long.

To assist residents of Spruce Grove, we offer guidance to affordable private detox and drug rehabs. We have years of experience working in addiction and rehabilitation, and we can help you find a suitable treatment centre in the private sector.

You can find out more about us here. Also, if you want funded facilities, please visit our Alberta page or Public Access Contact page.

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Spruce Grove Addiction Help

We disagree with the idea of putting an addicted person on hold. One cannot expect a substance abuser to simply stop for any period of time until a bed is freed. We understand how difficult this can be. We offer information and guidance to various private facilities. We will guide you toward centres offering detox and rehab services suited to your needs.

Addiction and Relief

The one thing you can be sure of when faced with a relative’s struggle with mind-altering substances is that they cannot simply stop on their own. Many have tried, but few have succeeded. There is a technical reason for this. Part of this lies in the addictive nature of the substances themselves. Then, there are the desirable effects that these substances deliver to the person. Easily understood when you look, for example, at any headache. The fact that people turn to Tylenol and Advil for relief demonstrates their desire for relief. Yet some people have much heavier emotional, physical, or psychological pain. When these are unwanted and yet linger or are chronic, relief, even if temporary, is desirable.

Tell-tale Signs of Substance Misuse

When this use becomes so frequent that the person “must have them,” you’re looking at the new condition known as dependency. It is recognizable by certain actions the person will do, such as:

  • Carrying pills with them at all times
  • Money spent with no factual justification as to its whereabouts
  • Behaviour changes; they have negative attitudes towards you and others
  • Aggressive communication, blaming, finger-pointing, fault-finding, etc.
  • General loss of responsibility for normal daily affairs
  • Etc.

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Detox and Drug Rehabs for Spruce Grove

It is one thing for a family in Spruce Grove to want to help someone close to them. However, knowing the right detox and drug rehab facility in Alberta is quite another issue. Our referral counsellors will help guide you toward the right detox and rehab for your loved one. Every addicted individual is their own person, and they have their own needs, which vary.

There are a few things to consider when looking for a good treatment centre in Canada. Rehabs in Spruce Grove and across Alberta have different philosophies and methods. The right drug or alcohol addiction treatment should consider a person’s lifestyle and philosophy. Getting sober is easiest when the program makes sense.

The Right Addiction Treatment Help for Spruce Grove

Residential Drug Rehab, Outpatient, or Coaching

Inpatient treatment facilities may not be the right service for some. Viewed as social drinkers or recreational users, the person may feel their control slipping and want to do something about it before it gets out of control. For this individual, an outpatient treatment can be called upon for help.

We offer an online coaching service. It is a live service via computer and received in the comfort of your home in Spruce Grove. As attested, our structured sessions increase understanding, strengthen control, and give a new perspective on life. This service does not replace a physician’s advice or a standard residential drug rehabilitation program.

Learn more about this online program here.

Spruce Grove Addiction Treatment Help & Refusal

The Time for Intervention

When addiction exists, the first step is to talk about it with the person. If they openly discuss it with you, you are a step ahead. But a person who denies the problem will require more work.

You might, at this point, consider professional intervention services. We have a series on alcohol and drug intervention that could help the family do an intervention. If you are uncertain about it, call us. We have years of experience in the field and can help in Spruce Grove.

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If you feel you need support concerning someone’s drinking, visit the Alberta Al-Anon’s website. You will find a meeting close to your location.


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