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Private Drug Rehabs for London, Ontario

We can assist you in locating the right private addiction treatment centres in Ontario or across Canada. Please note that we are not a London drug rehab centre. But we can give your family support and direction to affordable facilities. We have two decades of experience in the field, working with the addicted and helping families through our line.

Our referral counsellors can provide friendly and confidential guidance to a suitable drug rehab centre. Avoiding hasty decisions during this time is important. Consulting a professional referral counsellor to learn about your various options is at your fingertips. We provide this service at no cost.

It’s important to note that the ideal rehabilitation facility may not be in London. We can also guide you to public access treatments.

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London Drug Rehab Help

What to expect when you call

As mentioned, you can expect confidential and courteous support when you call our experienced counsellors. After the initial contact, they will

  • Do a general assessment to determine the substance abuse severity.
  • Ask legal and medical questions to determine the best actions to take.
  • Guide you toward suitable and affordable private rehabilitation centres in Ontario or the correct service for the person.
  • Help with any situation you face with the person you want to help.
  • Get the selected drug rehab to call you in London.
  • And stay connected to you until the person is in rehab.


Our referral counsellors have a wealth of experience, having worked in alcohol and drug rehabilitation since the early 2000s. They have helped numerous individuals achieve their program goals over the past two decades. They also possess a keen insight into addiction gained through their experiences.

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Guidance to the Right Private Centres

London Ontario 

Whether private or not, finding the appropriate treatment centre is your best option when seeking assistance in Ontario. Your loved one may require medical detoxification before beginning treatment. They may respond better to a particular approach unavailable in your area.

Regardless of the situation, our expert referral agents can assist you in London to determine the best course of action. Our counsellors have worked with families from all walks of life throughout the country, and we are confident that you can find the help you need in Canada by contacting our number.

London Drug Rehab Help

What to Look For

The facility and its program should be looked at when selecting one. A person should consider the duration of the program, the approach they use, and if they have an aftercare program.

There are individuals who consider intensive outpatient treatment, whereas others opt for residential drug rehabilitation. Although outpatient services can be effective, they are typically suggested for mild addiction problems.

Also, detox and rehabilitation are often used interchangeably but have distinct meanings. Detoxification should be the initial step, while rehabilitation is the ultimate step.

Finally, the expense is a crucial factor when choosing a residential treatment facility. Considering the family’s income and exploring cost-effective private treatment options is essential. Also, some facilities accept insurance coverage, which can be a definite asset for some families in London, Ontario.

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Assisting Someone with Substance Misuse:

London Drug Rehab and Barriers

Deciding to help someone with substance misuse is commendable. Talking to the individual about the issue would be the first step. You can read this article on how to do so. Their response will determine if they acknowledge the problem or not. It may require an intervention if they are unwilling to recognize the problem. The family in London can organize one or consult a professional interventionist.

The first step in planning an intervention is identifying a suitable rehab centre in London or elsewhere. People grappling with substance abuse can change their minds quickly, so it’s crucial to have everything arranged beforehand.

An experienced referral counsellor is available to assist in finding an affordable treatment centre in Ontario or elsewhere.

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