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Finding Affordable Treatment

Locating the right private addiction treatment centres in London, Ontario or across Canada can be difficult when one is unfamiliar. Please note that we are not a London drug rehab centre

But we can give your family support and direction to affordable private facilities. We have two decades of experience in the field, working with addicted people and their families.

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Finding a suitable drug rehab centre and avoiding hasty decisions during this time is important. On this page, you will find tips and guidelines to help you. You can also consult a professional referral counsellor by calling our number. We provide this service at no cost.

Keep in mind that the ideal rehabilitation facility may not be in London.

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Public Access & Community Services in London Ontario

Funded Services

A London drug rehab with public access can be a good choice. However, there are wait times for admission. There are also certain criteria that you must take into consideration.

Calling different facilities and inquiring about their detox or arrangements for detox is important. This point is crucial, specifically when a person has difficulty “staying clean” for any amount of time. When the facility doesn’t provide service and has no coordination with a detox, a person might get out of detox with no beds available in the centre.

It is a problem because most centres will ask a person to be substance-free several days before admission, making this harder on heavy users. If the person has reverted, their admission is forfeited.

Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services offer funded addiction services for residents of London and the counties of Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford, and South Huron – Tel: 519-433-2023 

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Guidance to the Right Private Centres

For London Ontario

Finding the appropriate treatment centre should be your main interest. There are different approaches, treatment plans and settings for treatment in London like anywhere else. Following are the most common treatment plans and what they entail when seeking assistance in Ontario.

  • Detox is the first step in rehabilitation when a person stops using their substance.
  • Medically assisted detox, detoxing from alcohol and certain other drugs, can be complicated and physically demanding. Also a person might have a medical situation that may put their life at risk.
  • Residential Rehabs are long and short-term live-in treatments. A short-term program is between 21 and 30 days long, while a long-term program can be anywhere from a few months to a year. Most people with a longstanding addiction will need long-term treatment.
  • Outpatient programs are day or evening services. Most day or evening programs have an intensive schedule, but the person stays home. Depending on the case, it can be a few months to a few years.
  • Addiction counselling and coaching are mostly for lighter cases and, in most cases, not a heavy schedule.

To start, a person should get an assessment to determine the level of care needed. You will find assessment services on this page or by calling a private rehab. Most will start with an assessment.

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London Drug Rehab

What to Look For

You should investigate the facility and the approach they use. As above, the extent of the addiction should dictate the length of the program. But the approach the centre uses and their aftercare are both important.

Most rehabs in London base their program on the 12-step approach, and many individuals have found sobriety with this method. However, not everyone can relate to it. Finding the treatment approach best suited to the person requires a knowledge of the individual’s mindset and preferences. For example, one can feel very comfortable in a large group while another does not.

 Cellphone & drink.

Finally, the expense is crucial when choosing a residential treatment facility. Considering the family’s income and exploring cost-effective private treatment options is essential. Also, some facilities accept insurance coverage, which can be a definite asset for some families in London, Ontario.

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London Drug Rehab and Barriers

Reaching Someone with an Addiction

Deciding to do something for someone with an addiction is essential. Talking to the individual about the issue often brings arguments and discord. If you run into this situation, you should read the recommended reading below.

It may require an intervention. Families in London can consult a professional interventionist. Most private rehabs have that service available. But the first step in planning an intervention is to arrange a suitable rehab in London or elsewhere. People grappling with substance abuse can change their minds quickly. If they agree to help, you will want everything to fall into place. There will be no time to search for a facility then.

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Our Help Finding a Drug Rehab London Ontario

What Can You Expect When You Call Us?

When you call from London, Ontario, you can expect confidential and courteous support from our experienced counsellors. After the initial contact, they will

  • Do a general assessment to determine the level of care.
  • Ask legal and medical questions to determine the best actions to take.
  • Guide you toward suitable private rehabilitation centres or the correct service for the person.
  • Help with any situation you face with the person you want to help.
  • Get the selected drug rehab to call you in London.
  • And stay connected to you until the person is in rehab.

Our referral counsellors have a wealth of experience, having worked in alcohol and drug rehabilitation since the early 2000s. They possess a keen insight into addiction gained through their life experience. They can assist you in London.

See reviews of our services on our BBB page or find out about our service here.

We are confident you can find the help you need in Canada by contacting our number.

Cynthia C.
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"Very very helpful in a time of desperation. I highly recommend using their service. They have the knowledge and experience. When one place did not work out they very quickly recommended another which worked out perfectly."
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"Well, I'm not the best with words. I will do my best. My agent is the best person I've ever dealt with- she's been so professional, and patient and kind- and no one will ever understand how much she's helped me ..."
James B.
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"The referral counsellor called me back and was extremely helpful. She talked to me, did a quick assessment and matched me up with a rehab center that I was looking for. "
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"They are in the business of saving lives and will stick by people to make sure they get the help they need. ARC Services should be the first number people call when they need help!"
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"As families are in crisis, they offer top services to ensure there loved one gets the proper help that they deserve. The addiction experts are friendly, knowledgeable, and will go above and beyond. We truly enjoy working together with ARC Services."
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"Their knowledge, course materials and experience were a key element in my recovery. Their skills, compassion and patience helped me to go through the difficult process of early sobriety. I would recommend ARC services to anyone willing to stop using any mind altering substance."

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