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Finding Affordable Private Drug Rehab Centres

We are not a treatment centre, but we help Saskatoon residents find private and affordable drug rehabs. Call or request a callback. An experienced referral counsellor will connect with you. They can help you with options for a no-wait admission in an affordable private addiction treatment facility.

Unfortunately, most public access drug rehabs in Saskatoon have waitlists and protocols, making a difficult situation worse. Sometimes a referral note from a physician or an addiction counsellor can speed up admission.Calling different addiction services and asking questions about their admittance is a good place to start.

That is why people often opt for private addiction treatment centres. In this country, there are affordable quality rehabs. Learn more about us here.

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Saskatoon Drug Rehab Centres & Referral Counsellors

The real question is, how can you help a relative who abuses street drugs or misuses medication or alcohol? In Saskatoon, our counsellors can assist you in helping a loved one. Having experience with rehabilitation and drug-addicted people from all walks of life, we understand the condition. 

Over the years, our work with different reputable private detox, drug and alcohol rehabs, and addiction counsellors helped many find sobriety.  Despite what you might hear, people can overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. It just takes the right program and some determination.

Addiction Referral & Consultation Services

A referral counsellor’s purpose in Saskatoon is to find and refer you to the addiction treatment that best suits you. If none exist in Saskatoon, we will find an appropriate centre elsewhere.

When you call, you will have a general assessment over the phone. With the information collected, we can see what options are best. 

You can find Saskatoon drug rehab centres on your own, or you can always call our experts. The choice is up to you. But we do service Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon Addiction Treatment Help

We cannot overstress to do something now. When a person is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, they’re usually not thinking clearly. You can observe it in the fact that most people’s lives are in a shamble. Lost job, bad credit, change in habit and personality, and so on. The longer the addiction stands, the more trouble it will generate.

Another way our referral counsellor can assist you in Saskatoon is by answering your questions. We can also help by giving you a helpful understanding of addiction, detox, and rehab. You can also find more information, lower on this page, on how to approach someone on the subject and get results from it. However, speaking with a professional in the field will increase your confidence in facing the existing scene.

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Talking About Rehab to Someone

How do you approach a person who doesn’t see or want to admit their substance abuse problem?

Addiction is difficult. It affects everybody associated with the individual who has an addiction. Getting through to a person sometimes seems impossible. There are proven ways to approach it.

If this is a problem, please follow the link “TALKING ABOUT REHAB.” this will take you to guidelines to follow in such circumstances. If you need help with this, we are available.

Saskatoon Private Drug Rehab Centres

& A Drug-Free Life

We at Addiction Referral & Consultation believe you can win the battle over drugs and alcohol. A person can have a drug-free life and live sober. We have helped many families from Saskatoon and surrounding areas. 

Finding reputed and affordable private detox and rehabs to service your needs is what we do. We offer our services across Canada. If you want a funded centre in Saskatoon, please visit the Saskatchewan government website or our page for contact information near you.

Support for Yourself and Family Members

You may need help and support for a loved one’s addiction problems. Visit the Al-Anon website to find a meeting near you. Finding people in the same situation as you’re in can be empowering.

Al-Anon & Alateen meetings
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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