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Get help now for affordable private rehabs servicing Thunder Bay. You can do something about a relative’s abuse of drugs or alcohol. Get connected to an experienced addiction referral counsellor. A referral counsellor knows the issues you’re going through. In such difficult times, hope is possible, and change can happen.

We work with you in locating private addiction treatment and detox centres for Thunder Bay residents. We consult with you to find a treatment plan that is suited to your needs and particular situation. The right detox and rehab for Thunder Bay are vital to achieving stable sobriety. If you are looking for funded treatment centres, please consult our Ontario page for a list of recommended facilities.

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Rehab and Detox Thunder Bay 

Choosing a Treatment Program

Choosing the right Thunder Bay service for a relative struggling with drug or alcohol abuse can be rough. It’s hard enough to deal with this condition, but even more frustrating to locate a facility without assistance.

When referring to detox, what we mean is withdrawal management. It is the initial step when the person stops using mind-altering substances, the “drying out” period. The average time is usually between 3 to 10 days.

A treatment facility does an assessment of the condition of the addicted person, which may indicate the necessity of medical detox. Usually, for health and safety, or after years of abuse or drug of choice, medical detox is advisable.

We can also determine this step with you over the phone in Thunder Bay. Following this step is the drug and alcohol rehab portion of the recovery process. There exist dozens of treatment approaches, and each facility will have its program schedule variation. Our counsellors will help you make a good choice and settle your loved one in the appropriate facility. We service all of Canada.

Residential Rehab Thunder Bay

Other Treatment Programs

In certain instances, a residential treatment centre may not be an option. One can recognize this with people in business who cannot leave the job site. Or a parent with young children under their care or still at school. Yet they know that they may lose everything if they continue to use drugs or alcohol as they do. In other cases, it may not be necessary. For someone who feels their drug use is slipping and wants to either gain control back or quit with some help. In this circumstance, an inpatient treatment facility may be “overkill.”

For these cases, there are other options like addiction counseling or our Online coaching service. The latter is different than virtual counseling but yet still occurs in the comfort of your home in Thunder Bay. With recovery coaching, the person gains tools to get more control and a different outlook on life and their usage. Most people were surprised and pleased with the results of our program.

Most Common Rehab Types

Read more about some of the most common types of rehab you can find in Ontario.

Other Treatment Methods & Types of Rehabs

More treatment methods and types of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities.

Rehab methods and types

Rehab Thunder Bay

Drug or Alcohol Problems

The truth is that addiction will always have some underlying troublesome condition. A good centre for Thunder Bay would be one able to address the issues once the detox is complete. Below the addiction is the real issue that causes the person to abuse substances. A recovery program will help attain lasting sobriety.

Certain private facilities offer various services to help the addicted person with their particular issues. One can also find group counselling, which helps discover that one is not alone with their problem. You should ask questions when talking to the intake counsellor at a centre about their services. Counselling can include addressing PTSD, ADHD, anxiety issues, and much more.

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Rehab and Detox Thunder Bay

Public Access or Private

Choosing public or private Thunder Bay detox and rehab centres is a way we assist. You can find public access services under the government health care services. You should look into those services and get all your questions answered.

Otherwise, we can do the assessment and help you determine the best-suited addiction program. Our addiction referral counsellors are available to work with you. When you speak to one of them, they propose options for affordable private drug rehabs servicing Thunder Bay. They can also coach you in getting that person to get help.

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To find support for yourself concerning someone’s drinking, go to Al-Anon Thunder Bay to find a meeting near you.
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If the person you are close to is abusing drugs, then go to Nar-Anon Ontario for support.


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