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We are not a treatment centre but offer our assistance in finding private drug and alcohol rehabs for Cambridge residents. You can call us for direct assistance or get information on this page to select the right treatment program for the person you want to help. Not all facilities are the same, as you’ll discover.

Finding the right treatment facility with the most suitable method for an individual is important. You can call us anytime for more information or guidance on the right private service. You can find out more about us here.

You can visit our Ontario page for important contact information if you want a public access service.

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Public Access Drug and Alcohol Treatments Cambridge

Funded Options

You may want a public access recovery service in Cambridge. Subsidized centres are a good choice. However, many public centres will require the person to be substance-free several days before admission. This situation is specific to facilities that do not offer detox.

A person choosing public access treatment must be able to “stay clean” for some days after detox if no beds are available. Or find a centre that can provide detox in-house. Wait time can be long in some areas. Depending on the circumstances, admission can be quickened. Talk to your family doctor or addiction counsellor to see what can be done to hurry admittance in Cambridge. To find important contact numbers, please visit our Ontario page.

Evaluating for Rehab in Cambridge

When evaluating an individual for addiction treatment, you must consider several factors. The length of substance misuse, the specific types of drugs used, and any underlying medical conditions are important.

The type of approach they use is also important. There are 12-step, CBT, group and one-on-one therapy, etc. You will also find small to large centres. A person can feel comfortable with certain aspects and not with others.

Nonetheless, when you call a rehab centre, they will do an assessment and will be able to tell you whether or not they can service the individual. But you can make an educated guess and call only those you think can cater to the person. It will cut down on your time.

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What is Available

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cambridge Knowledge

Here is a short list of availabilities. For further information, please read the articles mentioned below. Each one caters to specific criteria given in more detail in the article.

Medical Detox Centers

Medical detox may be necessary for heavy drinkers, certain other drug users, and existing medical conditions. Detox can become complicated and physically demanding in some cases.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab

These are 30-day, 60-day or 90-day live-in programs. Some can span one year or two.

 Cell phone with ARC Services website.

Outpatient, Addiction Counselling or Coaching in Cambridge

An addiction counsellor or a day or evening program (outpatient) or coaching can be enough to help certain individuals.

You can also find out more about the treatment approaches available by consulting this article:

 Mother and son arguing.

Talking About Rehab

In many families in Cambridge, there are arguments of opposing views of what constitutes a consumption problem. You may spend hours worrying about the person as a parent or a spouse. Bringing the subject up only creates more chaos. What is the use?

There are successful ways of talking about drug use and rehab to a person. There are articles on the subject. Does one need to be a certified addiction counsellor? Or a certified nurse or doctor to be able to reach a person? No. You can read more on ways you can talk to a person and get positive results.

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In extreme cases, one should think of intervention. When the addiction is life-threatening, seeking a professional interventionist is a good action. A professional will coordinate and keep things running smoothly. An intervention can quickly become packed with negative emotions, which becomes obviously harmful to the goal. Most private treatment centres have intervention services.

Cambridge Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Seeking Help For Everyone

When a serious drug issue plagues a family in Cambridge, the situation can become profoundly unsettling. The primary focus is to seek assistance for them.

Nevertheless, people connected to the person may experience isolation, exhaustion, and hopelessness. That being so, it is equally crucial for them to seek help and support. Exchanging experiences, exploring coping strategies, and connecting with individuals facing similar feelings and frustrations, if not your exact situation, can be immensely beneficial. It is possible to find happiness whether the person is still using or not.

You can explore their website to locate meetings in Cambridge. (Al-Anon, Nar-Anon)

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

If You Call from Cambridge

If you would like our assistance in Cambridge, give us a call. Our referral counsellor will ask questions about the person needing help. They will ask about the length of substance misuse, the specific types of drugs used, and any existing medical condition. From there, they will suggest the best-suited service.

Once you agree to a facility, the counsellor will arrange contact. The centre will then contact you and answer any other questions you may have. Once all is okay, they will organize the admission with you. If the chosen centre doesn’t work, another one can be suggested and contacted.

It is notable to mention that some insurance can cover the cost. It is worth exploring this option. We also provide an online coaching service. You can find more about it here.

We are here to get help in Canada.

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