Newfoundland Drug Rehab

Help for Private Rehab Centres

If you are looking for a Newfoundland drug rehab in the private sector, we can help. We are not a treatment facility. We help find affordable rehab centres servicing your region. We work with families nationwide and do not represent any specific facility.

As independent agents working for you, we have your best interest at heart, not that of a centre. Our main goal is to find the best addiction service for your needs.

We offer personalized guidance, help people get the help they need, and guide you through the process. However, you may want to search on your own in Newfoundland. Here, you will find tips and guidelines to help you do that.

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Newfoundland Drug Rehab

Public or Private Rehab Centres

Unfortunately, wait times for public access treatment can be long in some areas in Newfoundland and Labrador. However, if you want public services, please talk with your family doctor. Some people were admitted faster with a physician’s or addiction counsellor’s referral. You may have that possibility in your region.

Please take note that some public centres will require the person to be drug and alcohol-free for several days before admission. Not having an in-house detox, they ask that the person undergo detox before admission. And if they test positive for drugs or alcohol, their admission is delayed.

A person choosing public access treatment must be able to “stay clean” for some days. This situation makes admission more difficult, as public facilities in Newfoundland often have limited beds. Government centres are a good choice when a person can abstain for some days. You can consult the Newfoundland and Labrador website for funded services.

Newfoundland Private Drug Rehab Centres

Independent Search for the Right Addiction Service

You might want to search on your own in Newfoundland and Labrador. Here are a few guidelines you can follow. Addiction is as varied as there are people with addiction, meaning that not everyone needs the same level of care.

Residential or Outpatient Programs

Some people may not need residential treatment. In contrast, others might need long-term residential rehabilitation. One should evaluate the stage of addiction the person is at to get the right service. The drug of choice, addiction length, and any known medical condition are part of this evaluation.

Suggested reading: Stages of Addiction

Medical Detox Centres or Regular Detox

Medical detox will be necessary for a heavy drinker, any benzo addiction or someone with a medical condition that could jeopardize their safety.

Regular detox is necessary in most cases. Many private drug rehab centres offer detox, so you don’t need to find two facilities, i.e. one for detox and one for addiction treatment.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

One who’s had an addiction for a long period would need at least a 60-day residential program. Someone with a lighter addiction could do well in a short-term program.

 Cellphone & drink.

Outpatient Treatment, Addiction Counselling or Coaching

in Newfoundland and Labrador

When one sees their control slipping away but still functioning in everyday affairs, an addiction counsellor or a day or evening program (outpatient) can be enough to help. Stay-at-home programs have been beneficial to many. However, this type of program will not be useful for a long-standing addiction.

Suggested reading: Treatment Approach and Rehab Types, Online Coaching.

Newfoundland Drug Rehab

Faced with Refusal and Talking Rehab

When the person’s consumption worries you, the first step is to discuss it with them.

From their response, you can see if they recognize a problem or are in total denial. A person who sees a problem will openly discuss it with you. You are now halfway to a solution. And that is as far as you would go with the conversation and start searching for a rehab centre.

Further reading: Characteristics of Denial

However, someone who refuses to acknowledge a problem will require more work. Being patient and attempting several conversations with the individual can be necessary. When the situation permits it and the person’s life is not in jeopardy from their use. There is a successful way to approach the subject.

Further reading: Talking Rehab

If the person’s use of the substance puts their life in danger, a family can now consider an intervention. There are two ways you can go about this. The first is to plan an intervention with family members, following the guidelines below. The second would be to seek help from a professional in Newfoundland. Interventions can be highly emotional. Having an experienced person monitor and coordinate it is a sound idea.

Many private drug rehab centres will offer intervention services.

Further reading: The Intervention Process

Newfoundland Drug Rehab

Support for Family Members

Addiction can be overwhelming for families in Newfoundland. What was once a happy, peaceful life turns to sleepless nights and worried days.

Dealing with someone with an addiction can be trying and draining. Seeking help and support for yourself and others dealing with the individual can be very beneficial. Being understood by peers and finding coping mechanisms is reassuring when life is in turmoil.

The Al-Anon and Na-Anon Groups are there to help families dealing with an addicted person. You can visit their site to find meetings in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Here is a link to find support with a loved one’s drinking problem:
Al-Anon Newfoundland and Labrador

To find counsel for someone’s drug problem click on the link below.
Nar-Anon Newfoundland

Help for Newfoundland Drug Rehab

When you call from Newfoundland, our referral counsellor answers your call. They start with an assessment to determine the level of care the person requires. Once done, they will discuss options for the best treatment plan for the person.

When you agree on a facility, our referral counsellor will arrange for the centre to contact you. At this time, you can ask them any further questions. If all is good, their counsellor will start the admission process.

On the other hand, if you are not satisfied, we will find another centre and get them to call you. We do a follow-up call a few days later to ensure your satisfaction. We work across Canada and are independent agents, not representing any particular centre.

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