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For anyone living in Corner Brooks seeking the help of affordable private drug rehabs, call our toll-free number or request contact. We are not a treatment facility but can help you locate the service that is right for your situation. In calling, you will be in contact with an experienced referral counsellor.

At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we understand the issues at hand and the struggles of substance abuse. Whether the problem is street drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol, we can help find a private rehab in Corner or elsewhere. More about us here.

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Corner Brook Addiction & Treatment

The thing about addiction that most families have trouble with is not only the effects of drugs or the destructive nature of alcohol. The main issue is finding immediate help in Newfoundland. Most provinces in the country offer several opportunities to treat addiction. Unfortunately, most have a waitlist. Also, having the insight to choose the right treatment program is a crucial step toward recovery.

Determining the treatment programs best suited to that person you want to help is what we offer. Not being representatives of any centre, we are unbiased. We also put you in direct contact with the facility that provides the best treatment method for the person. Many affordable addiction treatment centres exist to service Corner Brook.

Private Drug Rehab Centres Corner Brook

We recommend private drug rehab centres because of their success rate. They have a better ratio of counsellors to residents, so service is more individualized. But the main reason is the speed at which a private centre can admit a person. Within 24 to 48 hours, a person can be in a facility’s safety. Not that public access treatments are bad, they are not. Someone working at helping others will not be the problem. But the environment and conditions surrounding the service might be unfavourable.

Community services are a possibility, and one needs to be persistent and determined. If you are looking for a public centre, go to the link at the bottom of the page.

When You Call Us

We will do a general assessment and substance abuse evaluation over the phone. After which, we will offer the best choices to serve your relative with their specific addiction situation. It’s one thing to say that one should address their addiction and quite another to know what will best work for the person. 

Some centres will do substitute replacement therapy and replace one illicit drug with a legal dispensed medication. Then some centres will offer faith-based treatment and require that the person have some religious conviction. There are also holistic programs that provide steps to address body, mind, and spirit.

More on rehab types and method.

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Corner Brook Counselling & Referral

You can count on us. We know that servicing Corner Brook residents is vital. You can’t just put a loved one on hold and suddenly expect things to get better. Addiction to any mind-altering substance always worsens unless addressed.

First, addiction affects the body and its organic building blocks, like proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Then attacks the mind, changes the personality, and causes confusion and irresponsibility. All of it is part and parcel of someone who is misusing substances.

Corner Brook Substance Abuse Help

We recommend you do something rapidly to help your son, daughter, husband, or wife. Your loved one could be jailed, sent to ER for an overdose, or worse: the morgue! If you live in Corner Brook, dial the number below and have a referral counsellor work with you to find help in Canada.

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Or Contact us through
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Here is a website to visit if you want a public-access service:

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