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We are not a treatment centre, but you can receive help from us to find a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre by calling us. You can speak with one of our experienced referral counsellors with many years of experience in this field. Find out more about us here.

They can answer your questions about the available options for St. John’s drug rehabs for the one you want to help. You have a choice of two avenues, the community or the private sector. Both are available, and each has its plus points. Also, the type of program is an important choice. 

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St. John’s Drug Rehabs

St. John’s has the responsibility to care for many suffering from some illicit substance addiction or alcohol abuse. Like many other Canadian cities, help for substance abuse is tough to deal with and very few solutions for immediate assistance are available. Many of the community drug rehab centres have a long waiting list and other obstacles to overcome.

Drug Rehab Options for St. John's

A private residential drug rehab centre is another option. Most people believe they cannot afford this service; it is not always so. There are many good affordable treatment centres, and we search across Canada. Our referral counsellor can greatly assist in finding the right program suited to your situation.

If you are not getting results searching for St. John’s drug rehabs, talk to our counsellor for help in Newfoundland and Labrador. They will have options for your family.

Private Drug Rehabs for St. John’s

Private rehabs will have their treatment program methods. Some centres will incorporate 12-step with other forms of support like yoga, outdoor activities, art therapy, cognitive therapy, social skills, etc.

The environment is just as important to the person as the program itself. A clean, hygienic, and comfortable surrounding is very conducive to recovery.

Find out more about treatment approaches and rehab types here.

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St. John’s Rehab

Talking Rehab

When the person’s consumption worries you, the first step is to discuss it with them. You will see if they recognize a problem or are in total denial. If the person acknowledges the problem, you are halfway to a solution. You should be now ready to start searching for a rehab centre.

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However, someone who refuses to acknowledge a problem will require more work. Being patient and attempting several conversations can be necessary. This applies when the person’s life is not in jeopardy by their use.

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If the person’s is in danger, a family can consider an intervention. There are two options. The first is to plan an intervention with family members. The second would be to seek help from a professional. Having an experienced person monitor and coordinate it is a sound idea.

Many private treatment centres will offer intervention services.

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St. John's & Addiction

To understand substance abuse in St. John’s, it’s essential to know something about addiction itself. To begin with, the majority of people do not set out to become addicted. When a person faced with an unwanted, unpleasant situation, a traumatic circumstance, or a painful accident, they will seek out a solution for it.

When the solution is nowhere in sight, eventually the person will find relief in some prescription medication, street drugs, or alcohol.

Most of these substances will bring momentary relief. When the effect wears off the pain returns and wanting to escape it, they use more of the drug. Soon the dosage has less impact, and higher dosages are used, after a while, the body becomes dependent and needs it to function. Now, the person has a new problem called addiction.

Drug Rehabilitation Help for St. John’s

St. John’s Newfoundland is not different than other cities in Canada; addiction affects young and old alike. What is missing are drug rehabs able and ready to care for the increasing demand. Private treatment centres have no waiting list and can admit a person within 24 hours. The wrong thing to do is nothing. Waiting for things to get better won’t happen; addiction only gets worse. The best thing to do is to act and act fast. It starts with a call to find the right treatment program that will address the needs of the addict.

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