Drug and Alcohol Rehab Toronto,
Finding the Right Centre

Finding the correct addiction treatment centre is important. One should consider the person’s philosophy, lifestyle and unique needs when choosing a drug or alcohol rehab in Toronto.

Some people may not need a residential rehab centre. In comparison, others might need long-term rehabilitation. The drug of choice, addiction length, and severity are factors in determining what program is best.

Finally, every Toronto resident can choose public access or private treatment centres. For those wanting funded services, we’ve compiled a small list below and another one on our Ontario page for you to consult.

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Available Services for Toronto Drug Rehab Centres

Whether you seek public access or private treatment, you can find the following services in Toronto.

  • Detox, the first vital part of recovery
  • Medical detox is necessary when a medical condition exists or for certain drugs.
  • Inpatient, also known as residential treatment. (Long-term and short-term)

For lighter cases

  • Addiction counselling
  • Coaching services, online or live.
  • Outpatient programs

 Below are different resources in the public sector for Toronto residents. 

Resources for Public Drug and Alcohol Rehab Toronto

211Community Helpline
Phone: 211 or 1 888 340 1001

Website: 211central.ca

You will find a 24-hour information and referral service for addiction and other community resources in Toronto here. Please call them for more information or visit the link provided.

Connex Ontario Health Services Information
Phone: 1 800 565 8603

Website: connexontario.ca

They provide 24-hour information about drug, alcohol, gambling and mental health services in Ontario, including residential drug and alcohol treatment options and wait times.

Metro Addiction Assessment
Referral Service (MAARS)
Phone: 416 599 1448

Website: www.camh.ca

With this service, you can obtain addiction assessment and referrals service for adults. Please call their number or visit their website for more information.

St. Michael’s Hospital,
Coordinated Access to Addiction Services in Toronto
Phone: 1 855 505 5045

Website: unityhealth.to

They provide information and referrals to Toronto drug rehab centres. Please contact them for more information on their services or visit their website.

Non-medical Withdrawal Management
Central Access

Phone: 416 864 5040 or 1 866 366 9513

This service connects individuals to withdrawal management services in the Greater Toronto Area. Please call them for more information.

Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Toronto

Location and Pricing

One can choose a Toronto drug rehab in the private sector. Private facilities are paid-for-services.

Ontario has many good private addiction treatment centres. Many of those are in or close to Toronto. Here are a few within an hour of Toronto.

    • Centres for Health and Healing in Vaughan
    • Renascent Addiction Rehab Centre in Toronto
    • Addiction Rehab Toronto in Etobicoke
    • Another Road Addiction Recovery in Port Perry
    • Freedom from Addiction in Aurora
    • **UMATTER CARE in Toronto
    • **Muskoka Recovery in King City
    • **Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre in Erin

** Centres that accept insurance.

When using insurance, the prices will vary depending on your deductible and plan coverage. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the centre for more details. Without insurance, the prices are from 13,200 to 25K. The fees specified here are for a month’s stay.

Questions and Answers

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Toronto

  • How can I pay for this service, and can insurance cover the cost?

The preferred method for most centres is to ask for full payment upon intake. There are other ways you can pay for a Toronto drug rehab. One would be through payment plans, and some centres offer that possibility. Another is a loan through a company like Medicard, which finances treatments, usually at lower interest. However, some insurance plans do cover addiction treatment. You merely have to communicate with your insurer and the facility you chose to see if there is a possibility for this option.

  • Does paying more for a program give better results?

Not necessarily. The price can be higher because of medical personnel, amenities, or the location and luxury level of the centre. Long-term programs can give better results and are more expensive due to the length. However, a short-term program that is more expensive than another will not necessarily provide better results. Finally, all these factors determine the price of a Toronto drug rehab.

  • Are there outpatient drug rehabilitation options?

Yes, certain private treatment centres in Toronto offer outpatient treatment options. Many of the public access facilities do. Calling the centre and asking if they provide outpatient treatment programs would be a great way for you to start.

  • What qualifications should I look for in a  Toronto drug rehab?

The type of program they deliver is important. An addicted person will do better when they can relate to the centre’s teachings and philosophy. For example, some use cognitive behavioural therapy, while others may use Christian Faith in rehabilitation. See more on treatment types.

Another qualification one can look for is staff experience. Are the staff composed of people who have successfully recovered from their own addiction? Diplomas are necessary but do not replace life experience and insight into the unique mindset of a person abusing substances.

A well-rounded program will have extracurricular activities. A centre that extends a person’s horizon by experiencing different activities prepares the individual to live drug-free. Most Toronto drug rehab centers have this covered.

A program should have an aftercare support system. Going through a program is not an end-all. Life after treatment may not always be smooth going, and one may require a support network. 

Lastly, it is best to have nurses and doctors available if you have a medical situation.

The Importance of Assessment in Finding the Right Service

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Toronto

When evaluating the needs of an individual for a treatment program, a specialist considers several factors. Here are some;

  • The length of substance misuse,
  • the specific types of drugs used,
  • specific life situations needing attention,
  • if a recovery program was attempted in the past, and
  • any underlying medical conditions

After the assessment, one can select the right Toronto drug rehab centre, ensuring better success. Find out more about assessments here.

Calling for drug or alcohol rehab Toronto.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Toronto

How Do We Help

Our referral counsellors can guide you toward suitable private rehab options after a thorough assessment.  Consider that the addiction service may not be a residential treatment centre.  

Our services include:

  • Finding the right treatment program for the individual’s specific requirements.
  • Connecting you directly and immediately to the facility’s intake counsellor.
  • Support and guidance for families in matters related to substance use disorder.

Our professionals stay in contact with you until you find the appropriate addiction service in Canada

Our team has helped Toronto residents discover hope and solutions over the years. You are not alone in Toronto. Help is possible. Through our personal and professional experiences, we understand the challenges families and individuals face with this issue.

Learn more about who we are

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Toronto

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You can call us if you need help finding a Toronto drug rehab or any other difficulties you might face.

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Marc J. Bernard

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If you want a public-access bed, here is another place you can go to ConnexOntario.ca.  To get support about someone else’s drinking, visit Al-Anon Ontario to find a meeting close to you.


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