Help for Detox and Drug Rehabs

Sarnia addiction services offer detox and drug rehab to those in need. A person can contact Connex Ontario or visit our Ontario page for help with public access facilities. Other options exist. We mainly deal with the private sector and focus on helping with the right addiction treatment service for the person you want to help in Sarnia. 

We are independent referral counsellors, so we do not have any vested interest. Whether the person struggles with street drugs, alcohol or prescription meds, a substance abuse treatment centre is available for Sarnia.

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Sarnia Addiction Services

Detox for Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD)

As a parent with a child struggling with SUD, you are certain to want the best for your child, no matter their age. That is one of the reasons we offer our skills and experience. One of the major steps in sobriety and recovery is detox. Most detox processes last between 5 to 10 days but can sometimes be longer. The length of the step depends on specific drugs (alcohol included) and the degree of abuse. In some cases, medical detox may be necessary.

Public Access or Private Services for Sarnia 

Access to addiction treatment is a vital service. These programs are mostly based on the 12-step method. As with all public services, you will encounter people from all walks of life and, unfortunately, wait time. Across Sarnia & Ontario, the healthcare sector for addiction is in high demand. In some circumstances, having someone wait is not feasible.

Good, affordable detox and treatment centres exist to serve Sarnia families. These facilities promote a tailored program suited to your loved one. And there is little to no wait time with personnel that is not overworked and can give personalized attention.

Find out more about rehab types and approaches here.

What Can I do About My Son’s Addiction?

Families and friends in Sarnia trying to help their child or friend abusing drugs or alcohol need answers. Many families have questions about the process of getting someone to rehab.

  • How can I make them understand they need help?
  • What steps do I take once they agree to get help?
  • When is intervention required, and can a family do it, or is a professional required?
  • What about detox? Is it necessary?
  • Where do I get an interventionist?
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Most individuals will try talking to the addicted person first and then find a facility, but in many cases, that is the wrong sequence. 

You can read more on intervention here. Many private centres have professional and experienced interventionists at your disposal in Sarnia. There is no doubt that drug and alcohol dependency are serious issues, but there are solutions and help in Ontario.

Alternative to Light Drug or Alcohol Abuse in Sarnia

There are other solutions for someone with light abuse issues. You can find outpatient treatment and addiction counsellors to aid you. Another recovery program is also available; it comprises one-on-one sessions online with a personal coach. Done in the comfort of your home in Sarnia, it involves a number of virtual meetings with very specific subjects. These sessions can raise the level of control and responsibility and give a fresh perspective on life, according to those who attended. Not everyone can benefit from this service; some need the controlled environment of a residential centre.

When you Call From Sarnia

For a Detox or Rehab Centre

When you call from Sarnia, our referral counsellor does an assessment with you on the phone. Once they have the information, they will determine the level of addiction and be able to guide you. They can advise you on the next step you need to take with the person and coach you through it. Or they can arrange direct contact with the appropriate service in Canada. They will suggest the services best suited to that person. They can also keep connected to you until your loved one is in a treatment centre. If the chosen facility doesn’t work out for any reason, another one can be suggested and contacted.

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For support coping with someone’s addiction, you can attend group meetings. Visit the Al-Anon & Alateen website or call 1-888-425-2666.

Or visit the Nar-Anon website.


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