What is Addiction Recovery Coaching?

One usually hears of addiction counselling or residential treatment centres. They are known methods to assist anyone struggling with substance abuse.

Since the advent of the pandemic, more “Online Counsellors” exist. In this service, the counsellor listens and evaluates the person and their life situation, draws conclusions, and enlightens the person of their evaluation.

The concept of our recovery coaching service is different.

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Method Used in Our Recovery Coaching Program

With Addiction Recovery Coaching, the person is tutored and guided with simple information. The goal is to understand the barriers and obstacles to recovery.

The coach is there to help the person to apply the knowledge in everyday life. There are no evaluations from the coach. The addicted person comes to their own conclusion by reading and understanding the materials.

These are unique tools in one-of-a-kind life skills. With their understanding and application, one can achieve personal control over substance abuse. It is educational in structure and applies to any life situation.

How Does it Work?

The coaching program focuses on applying unique life skills and the results of their application. One goal is to make the individual aware of how the world around them affects them and how they affect the world.

The person learns methods to increase their survival potential and achieve control, by choice, over drugs or alcohol consumption. The sessions occur through secure video conferencing with an established schedule.

You can read more of what our graduates say about the program here.

Is Recovery Coaching an Option?

Some people have very limited options. Here are a few examples:

  • A corporate executive,
  • someone with a high-profile job,
  • A stay-at-home parent with young children.


They cannot necessarily leave their occupation for any length of time. Our Online Addiction Recovery Coaching program might suit their needs and situation.

It is an option that is gaining popularity. There are precise requirements for acceptance to this program. Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist, who coaches the service, determines who is suitable for this service. Usually, it would be for someone with a mild or light substance addiction problem.

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Requirements for Recovery Coaching

This service is not for everyone; one must meet certain criteria and be serious about overcoming their addiction. The person will first undergo an assessment to determine the level of addiction. The coach then accepts the applicant for service, or a treatment program throughout Canada can be suggested if the applicant is not qualified.

It may require you to get a detox, medical detox, or even a residential treatment program before this service can start. For more detailed information, contact us through our form.

Read more on our Addiction Recovery Coach– Susan Chubbs, CSAC.

Coaching Program Outline

General Information:

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching is offered in 15 sessions of 1 hour twice weekly. All communications between the client and the coach are strictly confidential. The results are dependent on the client’s honest participation.

The person’s participation will increase as the client moves through the various sessions. The general layout could vary slightly to fit the individual’s needs.

The recovery coaching program is as follows:



Drugs and Mind – Body – Self (or Consciousness): How substances affect all the parts of an individual, i.e. mind, body and self and how nutrition can counter its effects.



Life and its parts: Discovering life’s compartments and how making one negative decision on one can affect the others.



The elements of UNDERSTANDING: Learning how to improve relationships, work, social connections, family, and much more.



Emotions & Communication: Recognizing and dealing with various emotions in oneself or encountered in others.



Two Types of Personalities: Recognizing and identifying certain traits in people that could lead to a negative experience and recognizing the positive traits that bring positive influences.



Personal Integrity: Enabling the person to decide right from wrong with simple data, enabling them to make positive life decisions.



Responsibility: It allows a simple understanding of responsibility and how a person can increase their willingness to take on more.

SESSIONS 9 and 10


Midway Revision: Review the materials to ensure understanding and applicability.

It addresses any issues that need correction or re-enforcement.



Happiness: What is happiness? How does one define happiness? What can one do to obtain happiness?



Self-Analysis Session: Increasing personal well-being, calmness, and relief.



Goals & Purposes, Creating a Future: tools to help prepare for tomorrow and the years to come – predicting, planning, and improving the future.



Planning and Adjustment: Review each point laid out in earlier sessions and make any adjustments needed. Any uncertainties are discussed and cleared up.

The coach invites the person to present any other area of life that may require attention. The coach can provide additional information to aid the individual in overall betterment.



Self-Evaluation and Advice by Coach: final review of the individual’s environment and activities.

Final exercise and any achievements from this service

End note:

Each coaching session includes home exercises and practical applications showing skill and understanding. The client will be required to demonstrate their knowledge by applying the tools and getting results.

The above is the overall program for each session. The order varies depending on individual cases and existing issues.

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