Online Addiction Recovery Coaching

What is Addiction Recovery Coaching?  One usually hears of “Online Counselling,” a known method to assist anyone struggling with substance abuse or other issues. Typically the “Online Counsellor” listens and evaluates the situation for the person is living and draws their conclusions. The concept of recovery coaching is different.

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Addiction Recovery Coaching


With Addiction Recovery Coaching, the person is tutored or guided with simple information to understand the barriers and obstacles to recovery. It is Cognitive Therapy. It presents unique tools in life skills and their application to achieve personal control over their abuse. It is educational in structure.

How it works

With Addiction Recovery Coaching, we focus on applying unique life skills and the results of their application. With this service, the individual becomes aware of how the world around them affects them and how they affect the world.

The person learns methods to increase their survival potential and achieving the goal of being in control, by choice, over drugs or alcohol consumption. The sessions are done through secure video conferencing with an established schedule.

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching Option

Yet, a person may be a corporate executive. One may have a high profile job and cannot attend a residential treatment centre. Identically, it could be a career woman with two kids who has no backup and simply cannot leave. Then it can be some concerns about reputation or responsibility toward the company, family, or any such issues. Their options are very limited, whereas Online Addiction Recovery Coaching might suit your needs and situation.

It is an option that is gaining popularity with some people struggling with substance abuse issues. There are precise guidelines for acceptance to this program. The Online Addiction Recovery Coach will determine who is a candidate for this service. Usually, it would be for someone with a mild or light addiction to illicit drugs, alcohol, or prescription meds.


Requirements for Online Addiction Recovery Coaching

This service is not for everyone; one must meet the criteria and be serious about overcoming their addiction. The person will first undergo an assessment over the phone before any acceptance for this service is given.

It may require you to get a detox, medical detox, or even a residential treatment program before this service can start. For more detailed information, contact our ONLINE  Addiction Recovery Coach– Susan Chubbs, CSAC.

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