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If you are looking for an addiction service in the private sector, we can help. Affordable treatment centres servicing your region do exist. We are not a treatment facility but work across the country, assisting families to find affordable solutions.

We do not represent any specific facility. As independent agents working for you, we have your best interest in mind. Finding the addiction service best suited to your needs is our main goal.

We provide individualized support to help individuals access the required assistance in the private sector. We can also guide you through the entire process.

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Perhaps you want to conduct your own search for a Nova Scotia drug rehab centre. Here, you’ll discover tips and guidelines to assist you.

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Determining the Right Addiction Service in Nova Scotia

In evaluating an individual for addiction treatment, one should consider several factors, such as:

  • the length of substance misuse,
  • any life consequences of their consumption
  • the specific types of drugs used, and
  • any medical conditions.

These are a good starting point in determining the most suitable treatment program in Nova Scotia or elsewhere. The person may require a medical detox. They may need a short-term or long-term recovery or a specialized treatment approach.

Usually, when you call a treatment centre, the person answering you will do an assessment. It will help determine if the facility can deliver the right program.

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Nova Scotia Drug Rehab & Addiction Services

Public Access Option

You may be looking for a public access addiction service in Nova Scotia. Government-subsidized centres are a good choice. But one must keep in mind that admission time is longer. It can be from a few weeks to months of wait time.

In some areas, people can get admitted faster with a physician’s or an addiction counsellor’s referral. So please talk with your family doctor about this possibility in your region.

Also, public centres that offer no in-house detox will require the person to be substance-free several days before admission. A family choosing a government facility must take this into account. Verifying that the facility offers detox is an important thing to ask. “Staying clean” is difficult for some people and makes public treatment centres a bit more challenging.

Intake Service for Public Centres

Available Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Confidential voicemail is
available evenings, weekends, and holidays.

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Calling for Help in Nova Scotia

Private Addiction Services

When calling our number from Nova Scotia, our caring referral counsellor answers. They will do an assessment and ask you questions about the person’s life situation. These will include the drug of choice, the length of the addiction and any medical situations the person has. From there, they will suggest the best-suited service.

Once you both agree on the facility, they will arrange contact. The centre will call and answer any further questions you have. When you are satisfied, they prepare the admission.

We like to keep in contact with you to ensure everything is running smoothly. You can call us back with any additional questions. Our goal is to find the best-fitting centre, so if the first facility does not work, we can find another one.

 Mother and son arguing.
A mother and a son arguing.

Bringing the Subject of Rehab in Nova Scotia?

Sleepless nights and anxious days are part and parcel for many when substance use disorder is an issue. One can avoid arguments and heated discussions by approaching the situation differently. There are successful ways of talking rehab to a person when the addiction is not extreme.

Find out more by clicking on “TALKING ABOUT REHAB.”

Seeking a professional interventionist is recommended when the addiction is life-threatening. A professional will help coordinate and keep things running smoothly and ensure everyone stays respectful and effective. Interventions can be very emotional, and having someone impartial to monitor the session is important.

Find out more by clicking on “MORE ON INTERVENTION.”

Help in Nova Scotia

Moral Support for You

When substance use disorder is serious, it can be overwhelming for families in Nova Scotia. What was once a quiet life turns into turmoil.

In this view, seeking help and support for yourself can be an advantage. Sharing experiences with people going through the same situation can be beneficial. Learning new ways to cope with a problem is empowering.

The Al-Anon and Na-Anon Groups help family members and friends living or dealing with a person with an addiction. You can visit their site to find meetings in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Drug Rehab Centres - Private

When you speak with one of our drug rehab referral counsellors, he or she will work with you and guide you. There are reputed and affordable private drug rehabs in Nova Scotia. These centrrs have quick admission. They work with the family to get the person you care about, on their recovery steps.

They recognize that living with a loved one struggling with addiction is not easy. These centres understand the lying, betrayals, and the negative behavior changes that occur with addiction. Unlike many popular beliefs, many private rehabs are affordable. We work across Canada.

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