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Finding the Right Private Treatment in Alberta

Finding the right private drug or alcohol rehab in Alberta can be challenging. There are many different treatment options: detox, inpatient, outpatient, or addiction counselling. What is the best choice? And where does one start?

This page will attempt to give you information to make your search easier and choose the right facility. You can also call us if you need help; our referral counsellors are on the line, and they work across Canada.

There are several things one should consider. The first one is the level of care the person needs or their degree of addiction. The second would be the relatability of the program, the individual and method used being on the same wavelength. The third and biggest hurdle is what to do when the person is in denial. Please read on as we’ll develop all these points.

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You may want a public access drug rehab centre. Below, you will find a list of recommended services in Alberta. Afterward, there will be information and tips on this option.

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Public Access Drug and Alcohol Rehab Alberta

Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women

1937 42 Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta T2T 2M6
(403) 984-2707

Calgary Dream Center

Addiction and Recovery Programs
4510 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, Alberta T2G 0A4
(403) 243-5598

Southern Alcare Manor

Residential Treatment Center
520 7 St S,
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 2H1
(403) 328-0955

Rising Above Ministry

Residential Treatment Program
11007 106 Street
Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 2Z3
(780) 533-3025

Poundmaker’s Lodge

Treatment Centres
25108 Poundmaker Road
St. Albert, Alberta,
T8T 2A2
(780) 458-1884

Fresh Start Recovery Centre Calgary

411 41 Ave NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 2N4,

Phone: 403-387-6266
Toll Free: 1-844-768-6266

Fresh Start Recovery Centre Lethbridge

85049 Range Rd 212
Lethbridge, AB T1J 5N9

Phone: 403-329-6603
Toll Free: 1-844-768-6266

Recovery Acres

1835 – 27th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2T 1H2
(403) 245-1196

Information and Tips

In the Alberta rehab funded centres, the wait time can be long. Sometimes, it can take months.

A physician’s or an addiction counsellor’s referral and special conditions can speed up admission. Please talk with your healthcare practitioner about this possibility in your region.

Funded centres are a good choice for many but can be a hurdle for others. The centres that do not provide detox in-house require the person to be substance-free several days before admission. This situation is difficult for some, specifically if no beds are available right after detox. “Staying Clean” is not an easy task for someone with a severe addiction.

The first tip would be to ask about their detox. If not in-house, are they well coordinated with a detox facility to minimize wait time? The second tip is to ask about the method they use. Is it something the person will relate to?

What Types of Alberta Rehab Centres are Available?

Know that when you call a centre, they will start with an assessment to know the person’s level of addiction. This action will help determine if they can give the person the level of care they need. 

However, to narrow your search, the following information will guide you and reduce the number of calls you make.


A medically supervised detox is a period in which the person stops ingesting addictive substances. It is the first step in recovery.

A medical detox is for those at risk of severe withdrawal symptoms or complications from a medical condition. A medical team monitors the individual’s health and provides medications and treatments. Medical detox lasts from five to seven days but sometimes longer. It is crucial for substances like benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and alcohol.

 Drug and alcohol rehab Alberta province


A non-medical detox avoids the use of medications. Non-medical detox is mainly for individuals with less severe withdrawal symptoms. Substances like cocaine, marijuana and morphine would not require a medical detox. And, unlike medical detox, it is not a hospital-like environment.


This type of treatment is where individuals live in a controlled environment, providing 24/7 support. The stay in residential programs varies, lasting three weeks to several months.

A person with a medium to severe addiction would greatly benefit from this type of program. For severe, longstanding addiction, a long-term program would be best.


An outpatient program is for those with a light addiction problem who don’t require round-the-clock supervision. Sessions can occur weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on the individual’s needs. It allows participants to maintain their daily routines and is more affordable than inpatient care.


are other services available for those who went through a program and seek support. It is also for those who feel they are losing control over the substance and want to nip it in the bud before it progresses too much.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Alberta and Methods Used

As mentioned above, the relatability of the program is important. The individual undergoing treatment should find the approach applicable to them. The method should resonate with them.

Not all drug rehabs provide the same program method. Many facilities base their program on the 12-step approach. Some programs are faith-based, while others use CBT or other therapies.

You can visit this page for details to better understand the most common approaches to Alberta rehab centres.

Bringing Up the Subject of Rehab in Alberta

When the substance use of a person you love gets out of control, you normally bring up the subject. Maybe you have and found resistance. The person might refuse to talk about it and deny any loss of control. They might tell you not to worry, but you see their gradual decline, and they can’t. Families get into heated arguments on this subject.

Here are a few articles on techniques for talking to someone.

Calling on Our Service for Help

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Alberta

If you want help from us in Alberta, our referral counsellors will answer your call. They will start by asking questions about the person who needs help to determine the level of care they require.

From there, they will suggest the best service. The facility may or might not be in Alberta, but it would be the best option for the individual. Once you agree to a facility, they will arrange contact. At this point, the centre will answer any other questions you may have. Once all is good, their intake counsellor will arrange the admission.

We then follow up to ensure you are happy with the choice and that all falls into place. If not, we can look for another drug rehab centre and have them call you.

You can find out more about us here.

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