Alberta Rehab Public-Access and Private Centres

Drug and alcohol rehab centres in Alberta are public access and private paid-for services. Choosing a drug rehab centre, either public or private, can be time-consuming and tricky. This page will give you a few tips to help. Whether the addiction is to street drugs, prescription medication or alcohol, Alberta has a facility to serve you. Please be advised that a medical detox may be necessary in some circumstances.

Below are a few public-access Alberta rehab centres with information on each. It is not a complete list. You can access more information about Alberta’s service providers here. Or visit our regional page for contact numbers for the different zones.

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Public-Access Drug and Alcohol Rehab Alberta

Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women

1937 42 Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta T2T 2M6
(403) 984-2707

Calgary Dream Center

Addiction and Recovery Programs
4510 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, Alberta T2G 0A4
(403) 243-5598

Southern Alcare Manor

Residential Treatment Center
520 7 St S,
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 2H1
(403) 328-0955

Rising Above Ministry

Residential Treatment Program
11007 106 Street
Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 2Z3
(780) 533-3025

Poundmaker’s Lodge

Treatment Centres
25108 Poundmaker Road
St. Albert, Alberta,
T8T 2A2
(780) 458-1884

Fresh Start Recovery Centre Calgary

411 41 Ave NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 2N4,

Phone: 403-387-6266
Toll Free: 1-844-768-6266

Fresh Start Recovery Centre Lethbridge

85049 Range Rd 212
Lethbridge, AB T1J 5N9

Phone: 403-329-6603
Toll Free: 1-844-768-6266

Recovery Acres

1835 – 27th Avenue SW
Calgary , Alberta, T2T 1H2
(403) 245-1196

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Alberta

What Types of Alberta Rehab are Available?

Keep in mind that recommendations for a type of program should be made on an individual basis. One must consider the unique needs and challenges of the person seeking help.

A thorough assessment by healthcare professionals or addiction specialists is a good first step in determining the most appropriate care.

Here are quick overviews of the most frequently asked questions about Alberta rehab centres.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Alberta – Questions & Answers

What are Short and Long-term recovery centers, and what is best?

Long-term programs can span three to twelve months or even longer. Individuals attending a long-term program have more time to develop coping strategies and learn healthier ways of thinking.

Long-term is recommended for the following situation:

  • Severe Addiction
  • Chronic Relapse
  • Lack of Supportive or high-risk environment
  • Deep-rooted Behavioural Patterns
 Drug and alcohol rehab Alberta province

Short-term programs provide intensive care over a shorter period. While the exact time can vary, short-term drug rehabs typically span from a few weeks to a few months. They provide individuals with valuable tools and strategies, as do long-term recovery.

Is it Better to Find a Program that Offers Detox In-House?

Detoxification is a critical first step. When provided in-house, it offers a seamless transition from detoxification to the recovery program within a single facility. Some centres refer the person to an external detox facility. This situation can introduce delays and potential challenges.

When seeking a facility, it is crucial to inquire about the facility’s detox capabilities. Also, you should ask how they coordinate detoxification services if they are not direct providers. Having to wait between detox and core program can open the door to trouble.

Is Aftercare Support Important?

Aftercare support is an essential component of alcohol and drug rehab. It focuses on providing support and resources to individuals after completing an addiction treatment program. Aftercare aims to reinforce the skills and strategies learned during recovery stage, prevent relapse, and promote long-term sobriety. You should ask the centre if they have aftercare, some do and others don’t.

Aftercare can be various things.

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Options for Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Alberta 

Most private recovery centres in Alberta do not have wait lists. Many have detox in-house, and so procure a seamless transition. Also, private centres accept people from across Canada. That being said, it would be possible for a family in Alberta to send their loved one to private treatment in another province.

The price of private drug rehab centers that service Alberta can range widely. Some run around $ 12,500, while others can go up to $ 30,000 monthly. Both will have a sliding scale for longer periods. Many accept payment plans, while others help the family by offering different options for financing. Also, check your insurance coverage to see if it covers addiction treatment.

If you need help, please call us; we work across Canada.

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Help & Support for Yourself in Alberta

It can be overwhelming for families in Alberta when there is a serious drug problem. A relatively happy, peaceful life switches arguments and discussions that go no where. Eventually, people either get tired or feel hopelessness.

Living with someone with substance abuse disorder can be disheartening. The Al-Anon and Na-Anon Groups are there to help people deal with the situation. You can visit their site to find meetings in Alberta.

Al Anon Meetings 

Nar Anon Meetings

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