Help with Private Rehab Service Referrals

If you are searching for a Cochrane drug addiction treatment service or looking for help locating a private drug rehab, call us. We can work with you if you encounter waiting lists with public centres and need immediate admission.

A waiting list puts people on hold for several weeks, if not months. Drug addicts and alcoholics get easily discouraged when there is no immediate solution. Addiction counselling on an outpatient basis is often not enough for most people to have a lasting recovery.

If you are looking for funded services, please visit our Alberta and Calgary pages for a list of public access services.

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Drug Rehab Center Referrals

Most people affected by substance abuse problems will go to rehabs closest to them. What is not being looked at is that each person has their own personal situation and needs. This viewpoint should be considered as much as possible when searching for a residential rehab center.

Our referral counsellors have been in the field of rehabilitation for a few decades. They know what is out there and what program will work best for your situation.

Residential Treatment Programs Cochrane

We know many good affordable residential treatment programs in Alberta and across Canada. When you call one of our counsellors, they will give a general case assessment. This information lets them locate the best options for your needs and situation. So your search for a Cochrane drug addiction treatment centre can end here.

Substance abuse is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Please don’t put it on hold! With the right service, we know it can be beaten. Thousands of recovered people are now living drug-free and productive lifestyles. You can too.

Suitable Program Plan

Our counsellors will help you determine if your situation requires a;

  • Medical detox or a regular withdrawal,
  • A short-term or long-term residential substance abuse program or an
  • Alternative holistic drug rehab.

Depending on the case, some people may need tight medical supervision during withdrawal (medical detox). Not all centres offer this service, which may be necessary for more complex cases. Regular withdrawal may be required depending on the drug of choice. In contrast, some drugs will not require this step.

The point is that talking with an experienced referral counsellor is strongly advised. You may have tried other substance abuse programs, but they didn’t work. Our counsellor can propose appropriate treatment options and put you in contact with different facilities.

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Intervention: Talking About Rehab

When someone with an addiction doesn’t want to see their problem, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Arguments and heated discussions occur with no results. Many sleepless nights and anxious days follow suit. When the situation is not extreme, with life pending in the balance, one can address it patiently. We suggest reading the articles below to get somewhere with the individual.

In extreme cases, when the addiction is completely out of hand, intervention should be requested. Seeking a professional interventionist will help coordinate among family members and get favourable results. Most private rehabs have intervention services.

When the situation is not dire, we suggest reading the following articles.

Help Available

So stop your search for Cochrane drug addiction treatment centres. Call today to find out which private drug rehab program is best suited to your needs. We look forward to working with you and finding a correct service anywhere across Canada. We are just a phone call away.

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For support for yourself about someone’s drinking problem go to the Al-Anon Alberta website and find a meeting near you.


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