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Finding the Right Private Treatment Centre

When addiction occurs in a family, no one is prepared for it. Wanting to help a loved one is on our minds. But what to do? And where to look? How do I start? These are often questions we hear. This page will attempt to help you find your way and possibly find the best possible rehab in Ontario or elsewhere if it applies.

The first step is to determine the level of care the person needs. This step is independent of whether you are looking for a funded or private rehab in Ontario.

The second step would be to determine the type of method the person will respond to better.

However, the most important step is to have the person ready and willing to receive help.

First, here are a few resources for public access services in Ontario.

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Drug Rehab Ontario

Public Services Access

Public access services can be a good choice for some and a difficult journey for others. Unfortunately, funded services have a wait time.

When looking for government services, the recommendation is to ask about detox. Some centres have in-house detox, and others don’t. It is a crucial point to investigate. The facilities that don’t provide detox are sometimes well coordinated with a detox service, and there is no waiting between the two. You would look for that in a public drug or alcohol rehab.

When a centre doesn’t provide the service, they ask that the person be substance-free for several days before admission. A person with a heavy addiction will find it hard to stay ”clean” for a long period. This situation makes it difficult for them.

Here are a few facilities to look into:

Addiction Services Cornwall

850 McConnell Avenue
Cornwall, Ontario
Telephone: 613-361-6363

More Information


38 Isabella Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 1N1
Telephone: 1-866-232-1212

More information

Empathy House of Recovery

Sunnyside Avenue
360 Sunnyside Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: 1.613.730.7319

More information

Jean Tweed Treatment Centre

Jean Tweed Treatment Centre
215 Evans Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 1.416.255.7359

More information

Teen Challenge

There are three centres located in Ontario. Find details here.

Connex Ontario

A database exists for Ontario-funded services. Visit ConnexOntario to search their database.

Coordinates for Addiction Services Ontario

You can also consult our Provincial Help page for coordinates or visit our Toronto page for more funded services.

Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ontario

First Step: Care Level, the Right Service

Not everyone needs the care level of a residential drug rehab center. The degree of addiction determines what option is best for the person. When one sees their control slipping away but can still function in everyday affairs, an addiction counsellor or a day or evening program can be enough to help. They won’t necessarily need detox as a first step.

However, a person with a longstanding and severe addiction could need a long-term residential service. And the person may require a medically supervised detox. For example, a person who drinks 30 ounces of alcohol every day risks the chance of going into DTs and putting their life in jeopardy.

Usually, when you call a facility, they start with an assessment to determine the required care level and see if they can provide it.

But to streamline your search, we recommend reading the following articles and pursuing your reading of this page:

1.  Detox: regular non-medical assisted withdrawal

Regular detox is a method in which the person will enter a live-in program to stop using their particular drug of choice. In most cases, the person receives daily interviews to encourage them through their detox and seek further help. This type of detox will generally take between 3 to 10 days. 

2.  Medical Detox

Medically assisted for people with health issues or substances requiring medical tapering. Such drugs as Methadone, “Benzo” type medications, and other pain suppressant. Also, a combination of drugs or alcohol addiction may require monitoring to avoid seizures and other complications.

3.  Addiction Counselling or Outpatient Programs

Whether a person is a perfect candidate for an outpatient program or addiction counselling depends on a few things. First, the type of substance being abused. Second, the amount used is of concern, and third, the frequency in which it is used.

4.  Inpatient Treatments

(residential, long, and short-term rehabs)

In short-term treatment, the drug rehabilitation centre delivers a 21 to 30-day program. And a “long-term” begins at eight weeks, and some can be two years. It is a structured and safe live-in facility. Most will provide one-on-one and group counselling.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Ontario?

The cost of a drug or alcohol rehab in Ontario varies considerably. It can start from 12,000$ for a 30-day program to more than 50,000$. The price also changes with the length of stay and the amenities offered.

Some centres offer deferred payments or insurance coverage. (If your plan allows for it) It is also possible to get medical loans with lower interest rates.

Does the Cost of a Rehab Guarantee Success?

No, the price differs from one place to another depending on different things. For example, they can offer a luxurious environment and amenities, i.e., a swimming pool, state-of-the-art gym, gourmet meals, etc.

The program’s success depends on the person’s honest participation and how they relate to the method used.

Drug Rehab Ontario

Choosing an Approach

Second Step: The Right Method for the Person

When choosing a treatment program, you should consider the person’s opinions and beliefs (Excluding the lifestyle of an addicted person.)

The method should make sense to the person and coincide with their own beliefs and philosophy in life. A relatable program is more effective. At the same time, it should address their care level and needs.

There is a wide range of treatment methods, such as 12-step, cognitive behavioural therapy, and faith-based, to name a few.

Recommended reading:

More on the Different Approaches

Is the Person Ready and Willing to Receive Help?

Bringing up Rehab

More often than not, arguments and heated discussions occur when talking to someone about an addiction problem. Many family members have tried tackling the subject with little or no results.

How do you talk about it? How do you get the person willing to speak with you?

Maybe you’re afraid to bring the subject up. You should talk about it to the person either way. 

Recommended reading:

In extreme cases, one should think of intervention. When the addiction is life-threatening, seeking a professional interventionist is recommended.

The professional will help coordinate and keep things running smoothly. They ensure that anger and finger-pointing stay in check and everyone remains respectful and effective.

The Intervention Process

Do You Need Further Help?

Drug Rehab Ontario Assistance

If you need further help searching for a private drug rehab in Ontario, call us. We offer our help free of charge. We have helped countless people find the right program across Ontario. We are independent referral counsellors and provide help across Canada

Our Process

When you call, we will start with an assessment to determine the level of care needed. The referral counsellor answering your call will suggest the best facility or options.

When there is an agreement, the counsellor will have the chosen centre call you. At this point, you can ask the centre any questions, and if all is good, the facility will prepare admission. If it isn’t “all good,” we invite you to call us back so we may find another place.

We usually make a courtesy call a few days after to make sure of your satisfaction.

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"Their knowledge, course materials and experience were a key element in my recovery. Their skills, compassion and patience helped me to go through the difficult process of early sobriety. I would recommend ARC services to anyone willing to stop using any mind altering substance."

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