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For personalized one-on-one service, a referral counsellor is standing by to receive your call. Please note that we are not a treatment facility. There are various options and a variety of drug and alcohol rehabs in Ontario. If you have a relative or a friend suffering from substance misuse and need guidance to help them, we are here for you.

Public Access Services

For those looking for funded services. Here are some resources for you. Please find further information by clicking the link below each facility.

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Addiction Services Cornwall

850 McConnell Avenue
Cornwall Ontario
Telephone: 613-361-6363

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Empathy House of Recovery

Sunnyside Avenue
360 Sunnyside Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: 1.613.730.7319

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Jean Tweed Treatment Centre

Jean Tweed Treatment Centre
215 Evans Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 1.416.255.7359

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Teen Challenge 

There are three centres located in Ontario. Find details here

Please consult our Provincial Help page to get coordinates for centres near you.

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Affordable Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ontario

In our experience, the person’s ideology, lifestyle, and needs should be considered when choosing a treatment program.

There is a wide range of treatment methods, such as 12-step, cognitive behavioural therapy, and faith-based, to name a few. We propose an approach that makes sense to you and addresses your needs.

You can find the following addiction treatments in Ontario.

1.  Detox: regular non-medical assisted withdrawal

Regular detox is a method in which the person will enter a live-in program to stop using their particular drug of choice. In most cases, the person receives daily interviews to encourage them through their detox and seek further help. This type of detox will generally take between 3 to 10 days. 

2.  Medical Detox

Medically assisted for people with health issues or substances requiring medical tapering. Such drugs as Methadone, “Benzo” type medications, and other pain suppressant drugs alone or combined may require monitoring blood pressure and heart rate to avoid seizures and other complications.

3.  Addiction Counselling or Outpatient Programs

Whether a person is a perfect candidate for an outpatient program or addiction counselling depends on a few things. First, the type of substance being abused. Second, the amount used is of concern, and third, the frequency in which it is used.

4.  Inpatient Treatments

(residential, long, and short-term rehabs)

In short-term treatment, the drug rehabilitation centre delivers a 21 to 30-day program. And a “long-term” begins at eight weeks, and some can be two years. It is a structured and safe live-in facility. Most will provide one-on-one and group counselling.

Most Common Rehab Types

Here are some of the most common types of rehab you can find in Canada.

Long-Term Programs

A person who has a long-standing addiction with years of abuse or a person who relapsed after a short-term program would both benefit from a long-term residential program.

Short-Term Programs

A person whose addiction just started spiraling out of control would be a good candidate for a short-term program. It offers a supervised environment with experienced staff.

Recovery Coaching

A unique service focused on learning and applying life skills to everyday life. It increases the person’s awareness and survival potential and helps them gain control over substances.

Other Treatment Methods & Types of Rehabs

More treatment methods and types of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities.

Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ontario Cost

The cost of a rehab program in Ontario varies considerably. It can start from 12,000$ for a 30-day program to more than 50,000$. The price also varies with the length of stay and the amenities offered. Some centre offer deferred payments or insurance coverage. (If your plan allows for it) It is also possible to get medical loans with lower interest rates.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ontario Admission

What Can I Do if Someone Doesn’t Recognize Their Addiction?

One can do many things to help someone recognize their addiction. There are also many different degrees a person can be found in denying their problem. Sometimes, individuals may fail to realize that their consumption is spiralling out of control. They may genuinely believe they still maintain a sense of control.

However, from an external perspective, all signs indicate their situation is going awry. It can be hardcore addiction, and by this time the person is so involved with the obsession that they tend to deny it.

Fortunately, there are solutions. You can follow certain guidelines as they apply or call us for assistance.

Who We Are

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ontario

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We are a Canadian-owned company established in 2013. Our team has more than 65 years of experience altogether, and all have worked one-on-one with people struggling with addiction. We also supported their families with guidance and consultation.

We have helped countless people find the appropriate program across Ontario and Canada.

Visit our BBB page for reviews. You can also read more about us here.

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