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Many people do not know where to start when searching for Barrie detox or rehab centres. This page will inform you how to proceed and choose the best treatment option for the person you want to help. Looking for substance abuse treatment can get a bit complex.

Also, our experienced referral counsellor can guide you to the best options based on your particular situation and needs. We are a nationwide referral and consultation service, not a treatment facility.

There are certain things to know whether you search for private or public services in Barrie. Let’s start with public access detoxes and rehabs.

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Detox and Rehab in the Public Sector in Barrie

Unfortunately, public access treatment has a wait time. Sometimes, it can be several months before a bed becomes available. In certain circumstances, we saw people getting admission faster with a medical referral or in special situations.

Nevertheless, public access is possible for Barrie residents. However, many public rehab centres don’t provide detox in-house. So, going from detox to rehab may be a bit tricky for some. 

Specifically when there are shortages of beds and wait time is inevitable. Most of these facilities ask that the person arrive substance-free several days before admission, or their admission is forfeited. A heavy addiction case would find this difficult.

It is one of the reasons we suggest asking questions about their detox services. Some places have “a well-greased machine” and minimum wait times between services. But read on to find out more about the step called detox.

You can find public services here or consult our Provincial Help page.

What Services Are Available in Barrie and Surroundings?

In most provinces and cities like Barrie, you will be able to find the following services;

  • Detox medically assisted or not. In the public sector, hospitals service this action. A medical detox is required when one has a medical situation or a longstanding addiction to alcohol or other drugs like Benzos.
  • Inpatient or residential treatment, you will find this type of recovery program ranging from 21 days to a year stay. The longer the addiction, the longer the stay should be in most cases.
  • Outpatient programs, this method is a stay-at-home program recommended for light cases. The length depends on the individual. It can be a day or evening program.
  • Addiction counselling and coaching is another method recommended for light cases of addiction.

More information on rehab types here.

What Rehab Type is Best Suited?

When you call a facility in Barrie, they will start with an assessment to determine the best plan for the person. To narrow down the search, here are a few pointers.

Choosing a rehab type with the right treatment approach depends on two things. The first is the degree of addiction, and the second is the person’s individuality. Let’s elaborate a bit on each one.

What is meant by the degree of addiction?

The degree of addiction depends on how affected the person is by their consumption. Are they functional? Are they in the midst of losing a lot? Did they lose their job, their family, etc.? Are they on the street in Barrie? These questions are all indicators of the degree of addiction.

Learn more: The stages of addiction.

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What is meant by the person’s individuality?

There are many ways to approach the complexity of substance abuse. If you read the rehab types mentioned above, you know about the different methods used.

For example, a person can respond better to a 12-step-based program while another might not. Some may thrive in a large group setting, while others would rather have a small “family setting.” It all depends on the person’s point of view and the like-mindedness of the method. In other words, one needs a relatable program.

Choosing a Barrie Detox and Rehab – Public or Private

Choosing the right treatment plan is important with the range of services available in Barrie and elsewhere.

The public sector is there for the general public and has programs that may suit your needs. If not, one can find affordable private drug rehabs that service Barrie residents. The right centre could be in another city or province. For personalized care, families should lean towards private detox and rehab facilities.

Barrie Detox and Rehabs

How Do You Deal with a Person’s Denial?

It becomes frustrating when faced with a loved one’s denial in Barrie. Yet you know things are getting worse. Getting to reason with a person with an addiction can take time and patience. Sometimes, it just doesn’t bear fruit. There are ways to approach someone about rehab.

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The Levels of Denial

When is Intervention Required?

As mentioned above, a relative in Barrie can be abstinent about getting help.

Intervention is required when you notice that the person can’t stop using and pushes away all attempts for help. In other words, the person is so enmeshed they cannot conceive of anything else.

Many private treatment centres offer intervention services. A professional interventionist is a person qualified to deal with these particular situations. 

They are not there to force the person but to coordinate and ensure everybody is on purpose. The purpose is to get the person to agree to help. The interventionist also ensures that emotions, judgements, and finger-pointing are under control.

Often, specific friends and family members in Barrie are involved in the intervention. But it starts with being well briefed on the process by the interventionist.

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The Process of Intervention

What is the Cost of Private Detox and Drug Rehabs?

When deciding on private treatment, one must deal with the cost.  Help in Canada, for the most part, is affordable. The price range will be between $7000 and $50000. Of course, luxury rehabs are the higher price.

However, the cost of a treatment does not determine its success. It simply states that it has luxurious surroundings and extra services.

There are affordable private detox and rehab centres for Barrie residents, although they might not be in Barrie as such.


There are several ways to cover the cost:

  • Out-of-pocket is the most common payment method.
  • Third-party financing permits low payments and interest over extended periods.
  • Payment plans can be arranged with some facilities.
  • Insurance coverage: some centres accept these.

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What Occurs When You Call Us for a Detox or Rehab?

We are there if you want help looking for a Barrie detox or rehab. Working with an independent referral counsellor works across Canada can save you time and put your mind at ease. We know the field, and we also know addiction.

When you call, we will do an assessment over the phone. From there, we can see what level of care the individual needs. The referral counsellor will suggest the best-suited facility or facilities.

Once you agree on one, the counsellor will have that centre call you in Barrie. At this point, if all is good, the facility will prepare admission. If it isn’t all good, we invite you to call us back so we may find another place.

Learn more about us here.

We offer our help across Ontario and are available for Barrie residents.

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