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Insurance Coverage for Treatment

The cost of medical and standard treatment is continuously on the rise. Most public drug rehabs, funded by provincial health insurance, will have a waitlist. The wait time extends into weeks and, in some cases, months. As such, very few can’t hold off on treatment because of the nature of addiction. But there is the possibility of getting the service through your insurance coverage. You could also get it from your employer’s insurance if they cover that. Many companies’ Health Plans cover substance abuse treatment. The result could be instant access to professional addiction treatment programs.

How can I get insurance coverage for treatment?

Insurance companies can cover addiction treatment programs. But this occurs when the health care provider, meaning the chosen private drug rehab, accepts it, and your insurance plan covers this issue. It offers financial aid to families for the various steps and services for substance abuse treatment. This can be a partial payment of services or, in many cases, the entire amount for treatment. This is always depending on the facility and insurance coverage plan.

How does the insurance provider pay for this?

Insurance companies will pay for addiction treatment, providing they fulfill their criteria. Other insurance providers will pay a percentage of the total cost. One will often find that some insurance companies will have its approved list of accredited treatment facilities they will support. Also, these will most often be within the client’s existing location. Usually, in such a case, the insurance company would most likely cover full payment. The payment to the facility often gets paid when the person completes their treatment. Otherwise, the client pays for the program upfront and gets reimbursed from the insurance company upon completion.

What makes insurance coverage so vital?

Adding a price tag on a drug-free lifestyle may seem cold-hearted at first glance. The fact of the matter is that treatment costs money, whether with public taxes or from out of pocket. For many facilities, a treatment program’s cost can be above one’s personal income, making it challenging to cover the cost. For example, there are reputable residential drug rehab facilities that cost more than twenty thousand dollars per thirty-day stay. Despite the reputation and results, this still may be out of reach for most families with limited income.


Solution for Funding

Insurance, in some cases, is a solution for some people. Making treatment a reality and overcoming any financial hardship becomes possible with this avenue. But one should be well informed before making any commitments. Be sure to ask all questions so you can have peace of mind. Finally, do not let any answer discourage you from seeking actual treatment. Never forget that an addict is first and foremost a person with the right to live a happy drug-free life.

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