Deciding to Stop on Your Own

If you deal with a loved one’s addiction to street drugs, opiates, even pot or alcohol, you know how difficult this can be. The amount of troubles, lying, betrayal, and upsets caused by mind-altering substances can be overwhelming. 

Considering this is what you go through while the person is abusing the substance. Imagine what it can be like when the person decides to stop the abuse of such destructive drugs on their own.

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Professional Counselling

Often family members will do all they can to help the person go to a detox or rehab to receive help with this. It is the correct path to take, yet often something else happens. As a parent, you certainly want your child to do well in life. Or you want your spouse to do well and be successful. When illicit drugs, medication, or alcohol abuse enters the picture, their life takes a terrible turn for the worst. The nature of the substance will alter one’s thinking. It causes not only physical damage but psychological and spiritual harm. So yes, professional counselling is the route to take. Just as you see a dentist for a toothache or a mechanic for car trouble, you should seek professional addiction counselling for substance abuse.

Can they do it on their own?

You may have experienced this with your loved one. You start seeking professional help. But the person struggling with the addiction states that they can do it on their own. Detoxing on your own is not only a terrible idea but a health risk. This will be different if a person uses some mild drug or some alcohol once in a while because withdrawal wouldn’t necessarily occur. A full-blown dependency is another issue altogether. The latter is a physical and mental addiction to a mind-altering drug (including alcohol).

Symptoms and Side Effects of Withdrawal

There are specific facts to keep in mind when your son, daughter, husband, or wife state that they can detox on their own. For one thing, you will face the following side effects.

  • Nausea,
  • tremors,
  • vomiting,
  • cold sweats,
  • loss of bowel functions,
  • mild to severe headaches,
  • skin clamminess,
  • extreme fatigues,
  • sleeplessness,
  • seizures.

And then there are the mental side effects such as;

  • rapid mood swings,
  • hatred,
  • anger,
  • hopelessness,
  • anxieties,
  • fear,
  • loss of orientation,
  • dizziness, and more.

Another thing is that these effects can be so disturbing and discouraging that the addict can abandon his goal. You can have a brief description of the different side effects of withdrawal from various drugs here.

Professional Care

The thing to ask yourself is, “am I ready and willing to deal with such issues?” When a family member tells you they can “quit on their own,” realize that if you agree, you’re saying their life is in their own hands and yours! The reason detox and medical detox centers exist is because of the hardship and health risks associated with stopping such drugs. We would advise you not to gamble with your loved one’s life. Do insist on getting professional care for detox or rehab. For any assistance or guidance, call one of our referral counsellors. 

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