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Finding the Right Private Addiction Service

Is someone you know struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? Knowing where to start when you want to help them can be difficult. If you are looking for a Manitoba rehab and would like some guidance, we can help.

This page will provide information on the different services offered in Manitoba and Canada. It will also give you an idea of what service is best for the person you want to help. It also includes intervention tips.

We know how devastating drug and alcohol addiction can be for families and loved ones. We have been helping families since 2013 and working in the field since 2000.

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Public Access Manitoba Treatment Centres

Indeed, community treatment facilities are a good choice. However, this option can be harder for some. Unfortunately, public addiction services in Manitoba, as across the country, have a wait time. Also, if the centre does provide in-house detox, one will need to stay “clean” if no bed is available after detox.

These facilities require the person to be substance-free several days before their admission. This situation makes it hard for someone who has a severe addiction problem who can’t abstain for any amount of time. 

So, asking a centre if they have in-house detox, and if they do not, asking them what coordination they have with a detox is necessary.

Please get in touch with the following organization to access a publicly funded treatment centre in Manitoba.

Manitoba Addictions Information Line
Toll-Free Number

Manitoba Drug Rehab

The Different Services in Manitoba

When choosing an addiction service, there are several things to consider. The length and degree of abuse, the drug used and medical issues need consideration. When you call a facility, they will do an assessment. That is always the first step. Assessing the abuse determines the level of care needed.

To streamline your search, here are a few guidelines for the types of services available in Manitoba and across the country.

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1.  Detox: withdrawal non-medical

Non-medical detox is a period in which the person stops using the mind-altering substance. This type of detox will generally take between 3 to 10 days. Most people go through this type of withdrawal. Most hospitals in Manitoba have a few beds for this purpose.

2.  Medically Assisted Detox

This medically assisted service is for people who:

  • have health issues or
  • substances requiring medical tapering. Such drugs as Methadone, “Benzo” type medications, and other pain suppressant.
  • drugs combined with others (poly-drug users)
  • heavy alcohol users

These conditions require monitoring blood pressure and heart rate to avoid seizures and other complications. It also would include medication. Some hospitals in Manitoba deliver this service.

3.  Inpatient Treatment

(residential, long, and short-term programs)

For someone with a more serious substance abuse issue. It is a live-in structured environment. It allows the person, who otherwise cannot stop for any length of time, to have a supportive, drug-free environment.

4.  Addiction Counselling, Outpatient Programs or Coaching

A person with a light addiction will be a candidate for this type of service. The person attends the service while living at home.


 Rehab types and approaches.
More on treatments

The Right Approach

When choosing a Manitoba rehab, consider the person’s views and beliefs. The program method should make sense to the person and coincide with their convictions. At the same time, it should address their care level and needs.

There is a wide range of treatment methods. There are 12-step-based programs, cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, faith-based programs, etc.

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Different Approaches

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help in Manitoba

How Do You Bring the Subject Up?

The most challenging step for any family in Manitoba is the attempt to help a loved one who is in denial. You see the problem worsening, and it is quite evident to you. But you find arguments or denial when attempting to bring up the subject. “I can control it,” “You make it sound worse than it is,” or “I don’t have a problem with it,” you most likely heard something similar.

So, how does one reach the person? What is the best way to bring the subject up?

First, you cannot be accusative and point a finger. You should not lose your cool, either. There are ways to start the conversation that will produce good results, but it can take some time.

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Dos and Don’ts in Talking to Someone

On occasion, the addiction problem can be so severe that taking time for the person to open up is not feasible. An intervention is always a solution. Most private drug and alcohol treatment centres have intervention services.

A professional interventionist will coordinate the family toward getting the person to admit and agree to get help. A well-orchestrated intervention will ensure that all runs smoothly and avoid finger-pointing and accusative emotions.

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What is an Enabler

The Intervention Process

Manitoba Rehab, Calling Us for Help

You can call our number for help in Manitoba. Our referral counsellor answers the call. They start with an assessment to determine the level of addiction. Then, they will suggest the appropriate addiction service and discuss these with you.

Once you agree on a facility, the referral counsellor will get the centre to call you. At this point, the treatment centre will answer any other questions you may have. If all is good, they will start the intake process. If not, call us back for another option. Please know that the right centre might not be in Manitoba. We service across Canada.

Cynthia C.
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"Very very helpful in a time of desperation. I highly recommend using their service. They have the knowledge and experience. When one place did not work out they very quickly recommended another which worked out perfectly."
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"Well, I'm not the best with words. I will do my best. My agent is the best person I've ever dealt with- she's been so professional, and patient and kind- and no one will ever understand how much she's helped me ..."
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"The referral counsellor called me back and was extremely helpful. She talked to me, did a quick assessment and matched me up with a rehab center that I was looking for. "
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"They are in the business of saving lives and will stick by people to make sure they get the help they need. ARC Services should be the first number people call when they need help!"
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"Their knowledge, course materials and experience were a key element in my recovery. Their skills, compassion and patience helped me to go through the difficult process of early sobriety. I would recommend ARC services to anyone willing to stop using any mind altering substance."

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