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Please notice that we are not a treatment center. But if you are looking for a New Brunswick drug rehab center with immediate admission, call our toll-free number.

Speak with one of our referral counsellors. With their many years of experience, they can answer your questions concerning the available private rehabs in New Brunswick or elsewhere. They can also put you in contact with the chosen center.

Our referral group is not associated with any particular treatment center. We will assist you in getting the help you need by doing the screening, assessment, and searching for the rehab best suited to your situation and needs.

We can help guide you, whether in New Brunswick or elsewhere. Please know that you might not find the right drug rehab in your area.

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Helping Someone in New Brunswick

The person you know can deny their problem and refuse to discuss it. It makes a difficult situation worse.

The most common problem with family members struggling with addiction is knowing the best way to approach the situation. You may have tried a few times, and it produced more negative emotions than when you started. Many families feel hopeless and alone.

The following articles might be helpful:

New Brunswick Drug Rehabs Options

A referral counsellor is someone with enough experience in the subject of addiction to guide you through the various options available. Helping you make the right choice for the one you love. Not all rehab centers have the same program. Each has the same goal, but how they achieve it is quite varied. 

Some programs are based on Christian belief, others are 12-step,  and dozens of other approaches exist. We help you work out which is most suited to that person’s needs.

Find out more about the types of services offered in New Brunswick:

Not All Cases are the Same

Addiction Counselling and Coaching Services

Not all cases need residential treatment. In some instances, addiction counselling or coaching might be the right fit. For example, if a person is still in control of their life but needs help, it would be considered a light case and a good candidate for counselling.

New Brunswick has outpatient treatments to serve these individuals. Here are the numbers you can call for help.

 New Brunswick drug rehab and map.

Bathurst            (506) 547-2086 

Campbellton      (506) 789-7055

Edmundston      (506) 735-2092

Fredericton        (506) 453-2132

Miramichi          (506) 778-6111

Moncton           (506) 856-2444

Saint John         (506) 674-4300

Tracadie-Sheila  (506) 394-3615

ARC Services provides an online coaching service. This service offers virtual one-on-one sessions with a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist in the comfort of your home in New Brunswick. As attested by those who went through the program, it increases understanding, strengthens control, and gives a new perspective on life. You can find more about it here.

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New Brunswick Drug Rehab

Seeking Support for Yourself

It can be overwhelming for families in New Brunswick when the drug problem is more serious. A relatively happy, peaceful life switches to sleepless nights and worried days.

That is why it’s also vital to seek help and support for yourself. The Al-Anon and Na-Anon Groups help family members and friends who live or deal with an addicted person. Sharing experiences and exchanging ideas in coping with the situation is extremely beneficial. You can visit their site to find meetings in your region of New Brunswick.

Al-Anon Maritimes

Calling for Help in New Brunswick

If you need assistance in New Brunswick, you can call us or request a callback. Our referral counsellor will answer your call. They will start with an assessment to determine the level of care the person requires. Then, they will talk to you about the service best suited for the person and recommend a facility.

Once an agreement is reached, they will arrange contact. At this point, the centre will call you and answer any other questions. The centre’s intake counsellor will prepare the admission if all is good. If not, we would be happy to find another rehab for you.

We follow up a few days later to ensure you are happy with the choice and all is progressing in the right direction. The chosen centre may or might not be in New Brunswick, but it will be the best option for the individual. We service all of Canada.

Cynthia C.
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"Very very helpful in a time of desperation. I highly recommend using their service. They have the knowledge and experience. When one place did not work out they very quickly recommended another which worked out perfectly."
Lisa B.
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"Well, I'm not the best with words. I will do my best. My agent is the best person I've ever dealt with- she's been so professional, and patient and kind- and no one will ever understand how much she's helped me ..."
James B.
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"The referral counsellor called me back and was extremely helpful. She talked to me, did a quick assessment and matched me up with a rehab center that I was looking for. "
Christopher A.
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"They are in the business of saving lives and will stick by people to make sure they get the help they need. ARC Services should be the first number people call when they need help!"
Andrea R.
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"As families are in crisis, they offer top services to ensure there loved one gets the proper help that they deserve. The addiction experts are friendly, knowledgeable, and will go above and beyond. We truly enjoy working together with ARC Services."
Luis A.
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"Their knowledge, course materials and experience were a key element in my recovery. Their skills, compassion and patience helped me to go through the difficult process of early sobriety. I would recommend ARC services to anyone willing to stop using any mind altering substance."

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