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Because you know someone with an addiction, you started looking for a treatment centre in Grande Prairie. As a parent, family member, or friend, you find it hard to see the person changing as the condition worsens. We understand. Usually, people contact their community addiction centre for help and guidance. Unfortunately, there are various steps to follow and waitlist to consider. 

We offer an alternate. We are not a rehab centre, but we help families and friends find solutions to get the person the appropriate help. We do not represent any particular facility We work for and with the person calling us. We mainly refer to the private sector, where admission is faster. You can find out more about us here.

Please visit our Alberta page for recommended public centres if you want funded services. You can also get contact information on our Contact by Region page.

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Grande Prairie Detox & Treatment Centre

Private Rehab Facility Option

Private residential programs have very little or no wait time, and some centres are affordable and service Grande Prairie. You can call us and get help from our referral counsellors. They can work with you to find the detox or rehab centre best suited to your needs and situation.

You might want to do the work on your own in Grande Prairie. If that is the case, you will find information on the best way to go about it by continuing to read.

How to Talk Rehab

Approaching the Person

The first step is to talk about it with the person. But in what way? Maybe several attempts were already made. All you got were arguments, heated discussions and denial. It is very frustrating! There are ways to approach the person that proves to be more result-oriented. A family member or friend can follow these guidelines to reach someone.

Of course, when the person’s life is at stake, one would use more hefty methods, such as a coordinated intervention. Many private treatment centres have intervention services that facilitate families’ efforts to help. Interventions can be emotionally packed, so having a professional present is important.

Getting Support in Grande Prairie

A family situation where a family member has an addiction can be overwhelming. In Grande Prairie, like anywhere else, parents, spouses or friends dealing with the issue need support. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Groups are available.

These groups allow people to talk and share a common situation and help bring some peace of mind. Coping strategies and talking to people with similar life condition is helpful. It is also available virtually in many areas. To deal with it, you need to be level-headed. You can visit their sites to get into meetings.

Access Al Anon’s website here and Nar Anon here.

 Cellphone & drink.

Choosing the Right Program

Different methods are used in recovery, and various settings also exist. Please click on the image “TREATMENT METHODS” to read more about it.

The treatment needs, lifestyle, and philosophy of the person seeking help are important. A centre outside Grande Prairie can fit the person better. Being outside the region can be beneficial to the person. When in unfamiliar surroundings, it discourages the person from leaving.

You can find the following treatment plans in Grande Prairie and throughout the country.

  • Detox or Medical detox
  • Addiction counsellor or Outpatient programs
  • Inpatient treatments (Long-term and short-term)

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Grande Prairie Addiction Treatment Centres

In Grande Prairie, taking action to help a loved one means not waiting. Substance abuse can get bad quite quickly; adding time will only worsen the situation. We want to work with you to locate the best private addiction program that will work for you. Our addiction referral counsellors work with a  variety of private treatment centres. Many can service Grande Prairie residents. The main thing is to call for help. You don’t want to wait for a dreaded phone call from local law enforcement or the emergency ward or worse. Take a moment and make a difference in a relative’s life. We work across Canada.

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