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In searching for a Medicine Hat recovery centre, you must have come across wait lists. We are not a rehabilitation centre but we can help you find solutions. Call our toll-free number or request a callback to speak with one of our referral counsellors. They will answer your questions and guide you to the appropriate services in the private sector. 

They can help if you are uncertain of the way to proceed to help a loved one addicted to mind-altering drugs. We specialize in finding affordable private rehab centres for Medicine Hat residents and others across the country. We do not represent any detox or other treatment centres. Find more information on us here.

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Addiction and Behaviours

When a relative abuses any substance, they tend to act or behave differently. The broken promises, forgetfulness,  lies, and absence are all part of substance abuse. These are consequences of substance abuse. And this is true for the one abusing street drugs, prescription meds or alcohol. Life becomes difficult when someone is addicted. It is hard on the individual and all around them. Getting informed on the available options for help is vital. Also, getting the right treatment program is essential. A treatment method suited to the individual is as important as the decision to get help.

Medicine Hat Treatment Referral Counsellors

Our referral counsellors are well knowledgeable in the field, whether you are looking for Medicine Hat detox or a residential treatment centre. They know the options offered by private recovery centres and other addiction services across the country. They can help by guiding you to solutions. A person can overcome substance abuse problems by choosing the right treatment method.

Drug rehab centres are in the business of helping the addicted. Some work better than others. Some addiction recovery programs in Alberta provide extended programs with detox as part of their service in the private sector. Which is best suited to you or your situation is where our counsellors are most useful to you and your addicted relative.

Help for Medicine Hat Recovery Centres

The situation can only spiral out of control. Don’t wait for the unwanted phone call from the Medicine Hat police or emergency ward or worse. Addiction does not mysteriously stop for the person. You can contact the Alberta government for public access treatments here or consult our Alberta page for a list of recommended facilities. With a physician’s referral note, you might be able to cut down on the wait time. The other option would be to contact our referral counsellor for Medicine Hat. They can provide information and options to help the person arrive at the drug rehab centre that correctly fits their needs. Private is not as expensive as one might think, and admission is immediate.

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Choosing The Right Treatment

A centre outside Medicine Hat may fit more with the person you want to help. In fact, being outside of the regular environment can be therapeutic. The philosophy, lifestyle and recovery needs of the addicted person should be considered when choosing a rehab program. Finding sobriety is easiest when the program makes sense and addresses the right issues.

You can find the following addiction treatment plans in or around Medicine Hat and throughout the country.

  • Detox
  • Medical detox
  • Addiction counsellor
  • Outpatient programs
  • Inpatient treatments (or residential)

Find out more about the treatment methods and rehab types available in Canada.

Medicine Hat – Our Service to You

When you call from Medicine Hat, our referral counsellor does an assessment on the phone. From your answers, they will see the level of addiction and guide you to the right service.

This guidance can be toward the next step you can take with the person or a contact from an appropriate treatment centre. They will suggest the services best suited to the person you want to help. They will keep in contact with you if you desire until your loved one is in a treatment centre. We are independent agents; we do not represent any facility. So if the chosen centre doesn’t work, another can be suggested and contacted.

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Or Contact us through
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For meetings and support for someone’s drinking go to Al-Anon Alberta


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