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Are you looking for private Edmonton drug rehabs to service your loved one? You can call our toll-free number or ask for a callback for assistance. Connecting with one of our experienced addiction referral counsellors can help.

Our referral counsellors have many years of experience working with families and the addicted from all backgrounds. They know addiction and what treatment approach is out there. Please note that the best treatment center for you may or may not be in Edmonton. If you want a public treatment facility, we have compiled a few list on our Alberta as well as our Calgary page that you can consult.

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Edmonton Drug Rehab – Choosing the Right Facility

Family members with a relative suffering from substance misuse go through hardship and will contact Edmonton’s local addiction recovery center. However, they find a lengthy process and waiting list. That is unfortunate, as most addicted people cannot wait for treatment without jeopardizing everything.

Finding the correct drug rehab in Edmonton or elsewhere is important to attain sobriety. In fact, consider that a center outside the beaten path might be very therapeutic.

In choosing a facility, we recommend that you consider the person’s:

  • perspective,
  • lifestyle and
  • recovery needs.

Edmonton Drug Rehabs and Recovery Needs

Not all individuals who use drugs require the support of a residential treatment center. For instance, someone notices their ability to manage their substance use is diminishing but can still carry out their daily responsibilities. For this individual, residential treatment may not be necessary. Addiction counselling or coaching sessions, online or in person, can be enough.

Another individual might require a 30-day or a 60-day residential program. It depends on factors such as the stage of their addiction, the duration of their addiction, and various other considerations. Certain individuals will benefit from a highly supportive and safe, organized environment.

What Addiction Services are Available in Edmonton?

As you know, substance abuse requires care from professional addiction counsellors. The best solution is often with residential rehab centers, although it is a case-by-case evaluation. An assessment will determine the right program for your loved one.

In Edmonton, you will find the following services in the public sector.

  • Assessment
  • Detox
  • Medical detox
  • Addiction counsellor
  • Outpatient programs
  • Inpatient treatments (or residential)
 Cellphone & drink.

The Alberta Addiction Helpline operates around the clock for public access services, seven days a week. It is a confidential service.

It offers assistance, information, and referrals to individuals dealing with addiction-related issues, including gambling. You can call whether you are concerned about yourself or someone else.

Here are a few government contacts:

Finding the Right Rehab

Finding the correct rehabilitation method for the individual is important. The chosen service should meet the person’s philosophy, lifestyle and recovery needs. Finding sobriety is easiest when the program makes sense and addresses the right issues. Keep in mind that a centre outside Edmonton can be very therapeutic for the individual.

Many different methods are used in recovery, and various settings also exist. Please click on the TREATMENT METHODS to get more information.

What are the Best Steps for Addiction Treatment?

The first step to address addiction is to rid the person of the influences of mind-altering substances. The first action is either withdrawal or medical detox. Either one helps the person through the effects of withdrawal. Sometimes, a person requires detox with medical supervision to ensure safety. But most of the time, regular withdrawal management works.

Not every Edmonton drug rehabilitation center provides on-site detox services. This is a situation that can lead to complications. However, a smooth transition is guaranteed if the selected facility works closely with a detox center and arranges for minimal wait time to start the rehabilitation phase.

Certain individuals sometimes overlook the next crucial step: participating in a rehabilitation program. It is an important part of getting off any substances. This step, as such, enables them to address the root causes of their addiction and work towards achieving sobriety.

Edmonton Drug Rehabs How We Can Help?

Our referral counsellors offer their services; they work for you, not a facility. They have no biased loyalty toward any center across the nation. They help people across Canada and have done so for years. As a concerned relative, you need straight facts and appropriate aid. You will find friendly and no-nonsense help for your relative (or yourself if that’s the case.)

When you speak with a referral counsellor, they will do an assessment. Then, they propose the right withdrawal management (medical detox or not) and rehabilitation options. We have serviced Alberta residents and Canadians across the country since 2013. We are confident we can serve you.

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