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Healthcare and other Professionals

Similarly to the general population, 10% to 15% of all healthcare and other licensed professionals will misuse drugs or alcohol at some time during their career. Reasons include high work stress and demand, professional isolation, access to substances and pre-existing personality traits that once facilitated high achievement yet later created a potential for substance use. Residents, attending physicians, nurses, dentists, veterinarians and others may use substances for performance enhancement and as self-treatment for various reasons, such as pain, anxiety, or depression.

Unwittingly, a significant proportion finds themselves dependent on substances and unable to stop without help.

If you or someone you know need help with dependency, call this number:

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A Life’s Work and Dependency

Our referral counsellors understand your needs for complete confidentiality as you seek help to overcome this dependence.  Realizing that one has become dependent on a substance is particularly burdensome for licensed professionals, having spent significant time and resources to earn the skills, credentials and privileges to help other people.  The essence of the ability to sustain life’s work is now under serious risk.  We refer to programs uniquely designed and experienced in assisting Canadian professionals to overcome addiction and restore previous high functioning and life satisfaction.


    Services for Healthcare and Other Professionals

    We focus on services that develop an understanding of the true nature of the condition with proven solutions that work without placing an additional burden on your life such as endless meetings.   The program we refer to focuses on what the disorder is, how you developed it over time, and how to fully recover.

    Small and Educational Treatment Programs

    The addiction programs for professionals are very small and highly educational.  Current science shows that gaining a realistic understanding of addiction and how it manifests is far more effective than traditional treatment programs that often magnify shame and worries regarding confidentiality and privacy.  A call to us marks the end of an onerous experience and is a time to regroup and move forward with the life you’ve worked towards.

    Privacy and Confidentiality

    Our referral counsellors offer understanding, privacy and confidentiality like no other in Canada for licensed healthcare providers.  Seeking help for a substance use disorder is a highly courageous act and deserves care delivery in complete confidence. We focus solely on the person and their loved ones suffering through the anguish of substance dependency and assure complete anonymity for our referral service.

    Drug Rehabilitation Centre and Required Reporting

    We are not required to report to any external agencies. However, we find treatment centres to back you maximally through letters of support if you so desire.

    Most importantly, while you may arrive at a rehab addicted, you will not be labelled as an ‘addict.’  The new neuroscience shows unequivocally that people can fully recover from this disorder.  You and your loved ones will understand that this is not a life sentence.  Rather, you will find that recovery from this disorder marks a turning point in your life’s journey where, in overcoming, you will develop an extraordinary capacity to enjoy and share life.

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