Drug or Alcohol Intervention

What is Drug Intervention?

When a family member or a close friend is suffering, much less dying, we normally want to help and make things better.

But with drug addiction and alcoholism, it’s not that easy. It is hard to convince someone to quit. The changes that occur in the personality do not help in understanding it; “he is not the same person I knew”. There is no doubt drug addiction and alcoholism is hard not only on the family or close friends but also for the drug addict. Admitting you have a problem is not easy and a lot of the time that person has solved a problem by using mind-altering substances in the first place and he/she feels better off high or drunk. Every year people die from substance abuse of some kind but you can make a difference. You don’t have to wait until the person hits rock bottom to act that is when intervention comes into play.



Drug Rehab Center and Method Used

First, what is the desired product of the intervention? After the addict agrees he/she has a problem and wants help, you need to know what that help is. It is very advisable that the parties doing the intervention agree on what program or method will be best for the addict once he/she has agreed to receive help. There are thousands of programs and many philosophies or approaches to treatment and generally, the addict needs help in identifying one that is right for them. The result of which program or approach he/she goes to will determine if the addict relapses after treatment causing much greater complexity and further risk as well as continued pain and struggle for those around them.

Once the intervention team has decided on the drug addiction treatment they intend to propose to the addict, they should contact the facility of their choice. They will need to know what the admittance procedure is and the financial obligation attached to it as well as specific questions remaining about what treatment the addict will be receiving. Remember we are talking literally about the addict’s life and its general quality so don’t hesitate to ask questions. If the treatment centre you have in mind doesn’t answer all pertinent questions to your satisfaction or they are deceitful as to the expected outcome of treatment the family may want to consider a second opinion. Addicts live and die by their ability to recover from drugs so this is not a decision to be taken lightly.


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