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Who We Are

ARC Services or Addiction Referrals & Consultation Services specializes in helping families, and loved ones find affordable addiction treatment. Addiction devastates families, businesses and society; we all have seen or heard stories. Unfortunately, the public access system does not offer immediate services when needed. In our years of experience, we have seen families in despair, not knowing what to do.

Our staff members have worked in the drug rehabilitation field for many years, and those in direct contact with the public have their personal history of substance abuse. Their experience gives them a keen insight and understanding of what people are experiencing.

We do not represent any addiction treatment method or facility. But we are independent agents working for and with families in Canada. Our service is free of charge.

What We do

In 2013, we set out to find affordable help for the addicted and the families looking for assistance. Each addicted individual is indeed an individual, and for that reason, not all treatment approaches will suit them. Therefore, we provide options for suitable treatment methods for that individual. Being able to relate to the program one is on is crucial in recovery.

In 2021, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the world changed, and so did its inhabitants. Recreational alcohol and drug consumption rose, people were insecure.

The rehabilitation field changed with many rehab centers could not deliver a standard program. To assist people who felt they were losing control, we started providing a new online Addiction Recovery Coaching service. You can read more about our unique recovery service here.

Our Team & Founders @ ARC Services

M Bernard

Marc Bernard

Referral & Consultation Counsellor, Case Manager,
& Author


Susan Chubbs

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Specialist, Referral & Consultation Counsellor, & Author

Carole P.

Carole Pelland

Website Editor
& Designer,
& Author

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone has a right to have a drug-free life. And that one should be allowed to achieve this at an affordable price if not subsidized by the community.

People do not become addicted by choice. But rather lack the ability to deal or cope with life’s curveballs. We believe education and counselling are definitive remedies to addiction. We also think that an addicted person deserves respect and dignity in this endeavour. Degrading or debasing any human being is not a practice we accept.

Select Treatment Centers

First and foremost, we seek out and refer to centres that share in our philosophy. Second, we look for the quality of service, pricing and level of care offered at the centre. Also, knowing that not all can afford a 20K plus program, we refer to quality facilities with a varied price range.

Our Service Commitment

When you call, a referral agent will answer your call. They will ask you questions about the person you are calling for to grasp their present situation. Once the referral counsellor has all the information at hand, they will suggest the best treatment program for that individual.

The referral counsellor will then put you in direct contact with the centre. If the centre does not work out after you have talked to them, we encourage you to call us back to find another facility. We are committed to not sending your loved one to a place we wouldn’t send our own. This service we offer is free of charge.

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