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Contact us for help from a good private detox or rehab centre servicing Red Deer. An experienced referral counsellor will work with you and guide you to good, affordable treatment options. So you can stop your search for Red Deer detox or rehab centres and call us today.

Addiction to street drugs, prescription medicine abuse, or alcohol can bring about great destruction to families. Addiction causes behavioural change, emotional roller coaster, and mistrust.

Please visit our Alberta and Calgary pages for recommended facilities if you want funded services. This page also has contact information for the different regions in Canada.

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Help & Assistance to Find Suitable Programs

Rehab Centre and Detox Red Deer

You may find it difficult to help a relative struggling with addiction. That is where our assistance can be of use to you. Our professional and caring referral counsellors are familiar with services offered in Red Deer, Alberta and across Canada

When You Call for Help

When you call from Red Deer, one of our referral counsellors answers your call. They will start with an assessment to determine the level of care the person requires. And will ask more questions to make sure they understand the situation.

They will talk to you about the different services available for the individual. As we do service all of Alberta, they might suggest rehabs further away, which is also an option to consider. Being away from the beaten tracks can be very therapeutic.

When you agree on a facility, they will arrange for the rehab centre to contact you. At this point, the centre can answer any remaining questions. If all is good, the personnel at the rehab will start the admission process. If not, we can find another centre.

We do call you back to make sure everything is good. And you can call us back at any time.

Red Deer Detox Centre and Rehab Options

As explained below, many treatment options exist, but not all are the same. Each caters to specific addiction problems and severity. The degree of addiction will determine the right service.

Medical Detox Centres

Medical detox is usually for alcohol problems of long duration. It can also apply to muti-drug users and certain other drugs like benzodiazepine, etc. It can also be for people who have strong withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox, as the name suggests, is a medically supervised detox. Monitoring and medication are what sets this apart from a general detox.

 Cellphone & drink.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Residential or inpatient rehab is a live-in treatment in a well-supported environment. There are long and short-term programs. A short-term is a 21-day to 30-day stay. In comparison, a long-term can span several months, even years. When a person has been dependent on drugs for many years or has a severe addiction, a long-term program is often recommended.


Outpatient or day and evening programs are for people who can cope with the daily grind. These programs can be intensive programs for people who do not require detoxification. It is a stay-at-home treatment with appointments which includes services like counselling and group therapy. They also offer aftercare. This service would be for light addiction cases that do not need around-the-clock supervision.

Outpatient addiction services in Red Deer


Addiction Counselling or Coaching

A light addiction case could also benefit from addiction counselling or coaching sessions.


Talking Addiction & Intervention 

Rehab and Detox Red Deer

You may have tried talking to the person with an addiction, but there were arguments and heated discussions. Most people will give up after a while. But, some ways have proven more effective in talking to someone about seeking help.

Click on “TALKING ABOUT REHAB” to learn more.

When there are severe cases, one should think of intervention. Seeking a professional interventionist is recommended. Interventions are emotionally demanding. A professional will help coordinate and keep things running smoothly and ensure nothing gets out of hand. Many rehabs offer this service.

Click on “MORE ON INTERVENTION” to learn more.

Helping Someone Achieve Success in Sobriety

A Red Deer detox centre may not be enough. Overcoming addiction demands a great deal of self-control and determination. Detox, whether medical or otherwise, is only a stopping period. But, people use mind-altering substances for a reason: the Achilles heal. Working on one’s life and determining the triggers is too important to ignore. Helping someone achieve success should also include a rehabilitation program.

Red Deer Detox And Rehab Centre

Guidance and Referral

We are independent agents working for you across Canada. As independent agents, we do not represent any treatment facility. We are not biased and serve each one to the best of our knowledge.

ARC Services has been in operation since 2014. Our staff have been part of the rehabilitation process since 2000. They have experience with individuals in treatment. And have fought their own addictions.

Families often feel hopeless and uncertain about what steps to take. We are here to provide that assistance. Our service is free.

Please find more about us here.

Our Reviews

Cynthia C.
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"Very very helpful in a time of desperation. I highly recommend using their service. They have the knowledge and experience. When one place did not work out they very quickly recommended another which worked out perfectly."
Lisa B.
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"Well, I'm not the best with words. I will do my best. My agent is the best person I've ever dealt with- she's been so professional, and patient and kind- and no one will ever understand how much she's helped me ..."
James B.
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"The referral counsellor called me back and was extremely helpful. She talked to me, did a quick assessment and matched me up with a rehab center that I was looking for. "
Christopher A.
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"They are in the business of saving lives and will stick by people to make sure they get the help they need. ARC Services should be the first number people call when they need help!"
Andrea R.
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"As families are in crisis, they offer top services to ensure there loved one gets the proper help that they deserve. The addiction experts are friendly, knowledgeable, and will go above and beyond. We truly enjoy working together with ARC Services."
Luis A.
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"Their knowledge, course materials and experience were a key element in my recovery. Their skills, compassion and patience helped me to go through the difficult process of early sobriety. I would recommend ARC services to anyone willing to stop using any mind altering substance."

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To find assistance for yourself for some’s drinking, go to the Al-Anon Alberta website, or if you have someone who has a drug problem and you need support go to the Nar-Anon website to find a meeting near you.


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