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If you want to help a relative in trouble by finding a good private treatment centre, call our toll-free number. This will put you in contact with Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, a service to locate private treatment centres for the individual.  When you call a certified drug and alcohol specialist will answer and assist you in your search. With our many years of experience, you are sure to find the right facility.

Helping a loved one with their addiction requires knowing what service is right for them. So, if you are looking for a Strathmore drug rehab centre in the private sector, give us a call or read on to find more information. If you want public centres, please consult our Alberta  or our Calgary page for listings of recommended facilities.

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Referral Counsellors & Strathmore Drug Rehabs

A referral counsellor is well informed on the subject of drug addiction and the solutions available. There may not be a treatment centre in Strathmore, but we can help find one that does service your location. Not all treatment programs offer the same approach or method. Also, some people have a severe addiction or a physical ailment that requires a medical detox to ensure a safe withdrawal. While other facilities will only provide rehabilitation, without the detox service that is done somewhere else.

Withdrawal & Professional Medical Detox

When dealing with mind-altering substances, it’s essential to be well informed on the cautions of withdrawing. In some cases, this action, being the first in all addiction recovery, will need to be supervised by professionals. Some abusers in Strathmore and other places believe they can quit on their own. It’s quite sure that your child or spouse has stated this to you once or twice. But they are still using, or they have given up on it altogether.

More on Withdrawal Management

The side effects of stopping opioid drugs, benzos, or even alcohol can be quite dramatic. Pain, sweats, headaches, shakes, vomiting, and other serious conditions can occur when the substance is stopped.

 Caution and qualified staff should be included for best results in the withdrawal of any drug, including alcohol. Most private drug rehabilitation centres in Alberta will have a section specializing in detox. Some recovery centres will also have medically supervised detox for those at risk.

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Strathmore Rehab Services and Intervening

You may have tried talking to the person with the addiction. All you encountered were arguments and heated discussions. Approaching a person on this subject can be tricky. Most people give up, and hopelessness occurs. There are more effective ways of talking to someone about it.

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Intervention is another option, specifically when the addiction is severe and time is of the essence. Seeking a professional interventionist is recommended. The professional will coordinate the session, keep things on track, and ensure participants are positive.

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Strathmore Drug Rehab – Options and Choices

To have guidance and proper help for residents of Strathmore, it would be of benefit to you to reach out for our assistance. We only refer to well-reputed private treatment programs in Canada. There is a wide variety of price ranges within the private drug rehab centre in our country. It is possible to find affordable treatment for your family member without going bankrupt. You always have the option of a public rehab centre; our counsellor can assist you with this.  They can point you in the right direction and give you advice on this. The main point is to DO something, don’t wait; act now and offer someone your assistance.

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If you need support about someone else’s drinking, visit Al-Anon‘s website for more information.

If you rather go with a public-access bed, call the number below.

The Addiction Helpline – Alberta Wide


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