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Addiction Referral & Consultation Services are independent referral agents and do not represent any particular centre. Here is a brief description of our services.

We recognize that substance abuse comes with social stigma. We believe everyone has the right to get help and that this help should be as immediate as possible. We know that the need for treatment overburdens Health Canada, and there are waitlists like any other service our Healthcare system provides. Unfortunately, some services are more life-threatening than others.

We offer our services to alleviate the burden experienced by some families. We help families achieve their sobriety goals for themselves or a family member. Unfortunately, we cannot change the admission process or length for public access services, but we can assist families in finding affordable solutions.

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Our Service
in Referral

Finding help can often be difficult when dealing with a loved one’s addiction to mind-altering substances. Unfortunately, you search the internet and find centres telling you their program is the best. You’d expect it from a facility that couldn’t say anything else. This statement can be accurate but isn’t absolute in all cases.

Each individual is unique, with a distinctive personality, particular needs, and a personal story. This distinctiveness should always be at the forefront when a person seeks help. Centres have different methods to treat substance abuse; not all of these work for everybody. Choosing the right treatment program is an important step in recovery. When you call, we take the time to listen, and we ask questions to find the best-suited solution. The referral is the first and most important part of our services.

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How Do Get the Right Program?

When talking to an individual for addiction treatment, we consider several factors, such as

  • the length of substance misuse,
  • the specific types of drugs used, and
  • any underlying medical conditions.

We also take into consideration the person’s lifestyle and goals.

This information helps determine the most suitable treatment approach. It includes whether the person requires a medical detox, short-term or long-term recovery, or a specialized treatment method.

Our Services in Substance Abuse Assessments

A person may need a substance abuse evaluation to satisfy certain demands like;

  • Legal requirements,
  • Human Resources,
  • Employment or
  • Qualification in certain areas.

Many different reasons or circumstances can require this document. Our Certified Drug & Alcohol Specialist can provide this service to you. It consists of an interview with questions in specific areas of life. Most assessments take 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the person’s circumstances. This service has a fixed rate and is done over the phone.

Our Service in

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching

Some people struggle with substance use but have not lost control over their lives and everyday affairs. A residential program seems like an overreach to them. Nevertheless, they worry about their drug use, feeling it is somewhat unravelling.

Recognized as social drinkers or recreational drug users, it does not appear to be a problem for the onlooker. But in reality, it is starting to be one for the individual. Wanting greater control over substance use, or wanting to be successful at quitting, are reasons to consider online coaching sessions.

Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist determines if the person qualifies for our online recovery coaching sessions. It comes in blocks of either eight sessions – a one-hour session twice a week for four weeks or 15 sessions –a one-hour session three times per week for five weeks.

The structured sessions will increase your understanding of cravings, strengthen control, and give you new perspectives. This service is not intended to replace any physician’s advice or a standard residential drug rehabilitation program. Coaching is the latest addition to our services created during the pandemic.

Our Services, in Conclusion

If you would like more in-depth information on any of our services, please give us a call or request a callback. We have been operating since 2013, but we have more than 50 years of experience in substance use disorder and rehabilitation. Meet our team.

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