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There are Ottawa drug rehab centres in the region, and most are public access with a waitlist. If you want a private drug rehab in Ottawa and do not know where to start, dial our toll-free number. We are independent agents that work for the family. We do not represent any treatment centre. We are there to service families who need help with substance abuse.

Our years of experience taught us the different avenues a person can take. We also know how difficult it can be to have an addicted person in your midst. We can help.

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Public Access Rehabs Ottawa

In Ottawa, like any other major city, subsidized treatments are available if you can wait. With perseverance, determination, and strength, one can make it happen. Families can get a referral note from the family physician or an addiction counsellor. This action will, at times, speed up the process.

These services are funded through our tax dollars, along with many other funded services for which we wait. It is a most unfortunate reality, especially when it comes to drug or alcohol addiction.

Substance Abuse to Addiction

The results are the same in Ottawa or anywhere else. It starts with using from time to time to take the edge off and relax, sharing an afternoon with friends or at a party.

But done too often, the body builds a tolerance to it, so more is needed to have the same effect. That is the danger of it. And addiction can form.

Drug Rehab in Ottawa

Is it the Right Service?

Some people may not need the full program of a rehab centre. They may have control but feel it slipping away. They want to get some control back or want to quit successfully with some help. The drug of choice takes up more space in their lives, and they feel they’re losing control. These individuals might do well with an outpatient treatment program or addiction counseling.

With the pandemic, we started delivering addiction recovery sessions when most public places closed or went virtual. It is a live one-on-one service via computer in the comfort of your home in Ottawa. You can read more about this service here and see what people say about their experience. Or call us for more information.

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Refusal for Help – Drug Rehab Ottawa

When a family member or a close friend in Ottawa suffers, we want to help. But with substance abuse, it’s more difficult. Convincing someone that they have a problem is a tricky thing. Admitting you have a problem takes courage.

A well-planned intervention can make a difference. When done right, families are successful. A few pages on drug intervention give you key advice for success. But sometimes, an experienced professional interventionist is necessary. 

What to Expect

You receive confidential and courteous support when you call our experienced referral counsellors. They will ask you questions to better grasp the situation with the addicted person. They will also do a general assessment to estimate the degree of addiction. With the information, they will guide you to the right addiction service or private rehab. For a list of recommended funded services, you can visit our Ontario page.

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Drug Rehab Ottawa – Choosing the Program

The next crucial step when one decides to stop drugs or alcohol is selecting a suitable facility. Not all treatment methods in Ottawa are identical, and some will work better for certain people and not others. Knowing which is best suited to your loved one is vital. Also, various treatment options and prices suit a wide range of incomes.

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Drug Rehab Ottawa & Referral Service

Our referral counsellors are experts in the field and can help across Canada. And, of course, up-to-date information is always available on the Internet. However, if the substance abuse has come to a point where the family feels immediate help is needed a referral service can assist. Families should have the best possible treatment options. Explore all the solutions that can best help the person. Every type of substance abuse is fundamentally different; it has unique problems and underlying issues. With that in mind, it is important to get the proper kind of help.

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Visit Ottawa Al-Anon & Alateen Family Groups‘ website to find support.


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