Assistance for Private Addiction Services for Halifax Residents

Although we are not a drug or alcohol rehab in Halifax, we provide services for finding suitable resources. If you’re searching for a private drug and alcohol rehab facility, we can assist. Our team comprises experienced referral addiction counsellors with over two decades in the field. They can listen to your concerns, provide guidance, and present alternatives for private drug or alcohol rehab, detox centres, and other associated services.

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We recognize how challenging it can be to seek help for addiction and the difficulty of finding the right resources for a family member struggling with substance abuse. We understand the severe consequences that can arise from drug and alcohol addiction and acknowledge that detox can be exceptionally difficult to achieve without professional care.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Halifax

and Referral Counsellors

Our services are designed to provide comfort and hope to both Halifax families and individuals struggling with substance abuse. With over 20 years of experience in the addiction field, our referral counsellors have helped countless families find a path to recovery. We are independent agents and not affiliated with any particular rehab facility or treatment method. We provide our service free of charge throughout Nova Scotia and across Canada.

When You Call Our Number

For a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Halifax

When you call from Sydney, our referral counsellor will conduct an assessment over the phone. This information is critical in determining the most suitable treatment program, including whether the person requires a medical detox, short-term or long-term recovery, or specialized treatment.

Our counsellor will recommend the most appropriate service to assist the person you wish to help. Once you have selected a treatment centre, our counsellor will facilitate contact, and the facility can address any inquiries you may still have regarding their amenities, arrangements, or admission process. But we will still contact you to follow up on the progress and assist you in any way you need.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Halifax

Getting the Person to Open Up

Whether you live in Halifax or the surrounding areas, options are available to help overcome drug or alcohol addiction. In many cases, the first step towards recovery involves the individual struggling with addiction acknowledging that they have a problem. Only then can they begin to accept the need for professional assistance. They will proactively seek help, including addiction counselling or other solutions. 

They understand the urgency of taking action before losing what is important to them. Starting a conversation with the person about the subject can be an entry point to have them open up, and the conversation can progress from there.

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However, someone who refuses to acknowledge their addiction problem may require more effort. If you have been patient and attempted multiple conversations (as above), and they still cannot see the issue, it may be time for an intervention. In this scenario, the family can come together and plan an intervention.

We would advise selecting a treatment facility in advance, ready to admit the person once they finally agree to seek help. Addicted individuals can change their minds rapidly, so having a predetermined facility can ensure a smooth and timely admission process.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Halifax & Families

The Toll of Addiction and Help for Family Members

When dealing with a severe drug problem, families in Halifax may feel overwhelmed. A once happy and peaceful life can suddenly end up with sleepless nights and worried days. That’s why it’s essential to seek help and support for yourself as well. The Al-Anon and Na-Anon Groups can assist family members dealing with an addicted loved one. You can visit their website to locate meetings in Halifax.

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Local Residential Treatment Centres in Halifax

Alcare Place
1374 Robie Street
902 423-9565

Halifax Centre of Hope
2044 Gottingen Street
902 422 2363 or 902 422 2065


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