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We are not a treatment centre, but we can assist if you need guidance for a loved one caught in drug addiction. We specialize in finding options for affordable private treatment programs for families across the country. There might not be an existing Cape Breton addiction treatment centre available in your area, but there are some in Nova Scotia. When you call, our referral agents will investigate for you.

Our counsellors are friendly, courteous, and, above all, helpful. They understand addiction and the turmoil it brings; they also grasp the intricacies of the addicted mind. Take a minute and give us a call.

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

One important thing to consider is that not all people respond to the same treatment method. For example, one person might answer to a 12-step-based program while another will better relate to cognitive therapy.

We offer our experience and knowledge by giving you an understanding of what treatment programs are available. We also recommend some of the best options for recovery. After speaking with countless families across Canada, it is obvious there’s a problem in healthcare for substance abuse. But there are many affordable drug rehabs ready to service Cape Breton residents. Our help in Nova Scotia is worth looking into.

Cape Breton Addiction Treatment Options

Private drug rehabs are more in demand across the country. Families in Cape Breton and across the nation end up most often disappointed when trying to help a loved one. There are disheartening protocols for admission in the public access sector, including interviews, referral papers, wait time, and clean time.

A private drug rehab centre works for you, the client. Their personalized service focuses on your needs. Usually, they offer more one-on-one addiction counselling; the ratio of counsellors/residents is higher, and above all, no waitlist or complicated protocols.

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Calling for Help in Cape Breton

Addiction Referral & Consultation Services

When you call, one of our referral counsellors will ask questions to have information on the existing scene. They will also do a general substance abuse evaluation. With this information, they will find the best options for that person and refer you to a suitable drug rehab serving Cape Breton.

Don’t wait. Adding time to an already risky situation can only bring more sorrow. Abusing street drugs, prescription medication, and alcohol only escalate. If need be, there are many affordable treatment centres ready to service your family member. We offer our help across Canada.

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Addiction Services in Cape Breton

Withdrawal Management

Individuals are admitted as part of an overall treatment plan. The inpatient withdrawal service is for individuals requiring medical detox. To contact the public-access service in the Cape Breton area, call 902-563-2590. However, a referral from a local addiction clinic is required; call 902-563-2585. See Nova Scotia Health Authority website.

Cape Breton Adult Day Treatment Program

Cape Breton’s Adults Day Program is an education and wellness program for individuals that have withdrawn from their substance(s) of choice. The program is attended five days a week for three weeks. Once this is done, they transition to community-based therapy in the community mental health and addiction clinics. A referral from your health care professional is required.


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