Assistance for Private Detox & Addiction Treatment

You want assistance in helping a loved one overcome their addiction to illicit drugs or alcohol? You live in Prince George? You have questions on how to proceed or are unsure of what to do. 

Our addiction referral counsellor has years of experience guiding and helping families through this ordeal. Their mandate is to listen to the existing situation and propose options and solutions. Because of the waitlist in public access centres, we often refer to private detoxes and rehabs. They can guide you to affordable addition treatment services for Prince George.

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Detox Prince George

We often hear the comment that so and so needs to go to detox. People who abuse any mind-altering substance will require some drying out time. A step better known as detox. Normally detox is a seven to ten day process, sometimes more. Prince George’s detox services are accessible to the public (see below). One only needs to follow the steps required for the service. One can also bypass public access and go with a private service.

Prince George Detox – Private sector

In the private sector, one will discover that various facilities will service residents from Prince George and surrounding communities. It is common to find a resident of one community leave and go to detox and rehab in another city or province. Experience demonstrates that change in environment is a key factor in holding onto sobriety. Though detox is just a first step toward sobriety, it is a powerful first action for anyone suffering from substance abuse disorder. It is common to find that detox in a private setting offers a more personalized care factor. Yet, for lasting sobriety, one should also seek addiction counselling.

Prince George Addiction Treatment and Counselling Services

Over the years, residents of Prince George’s have had their fair share of illicit drug trafficking, police raids, resident incarcerations, etc. This goes awry so far that the individual will often be released only to go back to using drugs and alcohol or start trafficking again. But the person didn’t receive any actual recovery program. 

It takes good counselling and proper addiction treatment programs to overcome the addictive aspects of mind-altering substances. This, in part, is why we offer our services in BC; to bring solutions for help.

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Private Drug Rehab Prince George

Reasons for Choosing Private

As a parent and resident of Prince George, you know that your loved one is worth all the help you can provide. There are many reasons for a family to look into the private sector for addiction treatment. These facilities offer a personalized program, more one-on-one counselling, and a fast admission process (very little or no wait time.) And some very good drug rehab centres are affordable.

Staff are not overworked; your loved one will be cared for as a person and not just another addict. It’s a known fact that the environment in which the addicted person attempts to recover is just as vital as the decision to get help. Many addicts who want to overcome their addiction do not need to have their attention on mediocre conditions. When treated for substance abuse, success depends on their attention being on themself, not their surroundings.

Waiting to Deal with Addiction

Waiting to address addiction, whether in Prince George or elsewhere, will only create more pain and sorrow for those living with it. Your best action is to contact our experienced Addiction Referral and Consultation counsellors and get the process started. You can do something now. Prince George residents can find solutions to gain sobriety, and we can assist.

Prince George Detox and Drug Rehab 

Alternative Solution for Addiction

Suppose your own situation does not allow you to leave your job or your home environment. Or you feel a residential drug rehab is too much for your needs. In that case, you may qualify for a specialized online recovery coaching service. A unique action available to Canadians from the comfort of your own home. A series of online sessions with a certified Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist who guides you to self-control and personal growth. You are not alone; we can help you locate the detox and rehab most suited to your loved one and their needs. Addiction Referral and Consultation Services have been helping Canadians since 2013.

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