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For immediate help with an addiction in Langford, call us for referrals to affordable private treatment programs. Dial our toll-free number and speak with a referral counselor who specializes in private services. Our counselors have worked in the field of substance abuse for a significant number of years. 

They do not represent any particular  treatment facility. We helped the person with an addiction and their family find the most suited program for their situation. We work for you. So, if you are looking for a Langford drug rehab in the private sector, give us a call.

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When You Call 

When you call from Langford, our referral counsellor does an assessment over the phone. From your answers, they will determine the level of addiction and be able to guide you. This guidance can go one of two ways. Depending on the situation, they will either assist you in talking to the person or refer you to the appropriate service.

They will suggest the services best suited to the person. They will also keep a connection with you if you desire, until your loved one is in a treatment centre. Since we do not represent any facility, we can suggest and contact you with a different facility if the chosen centre doesn’t work out. You can call for help at any time. We service all of BC.

If you want to do it independently, we have a few pointers to help you in the following paragraphs. Our service is free.

Most Common Drug Rehab Types

Here are some of the most common types of treatments you can find in Langford and across Canada.

Long-Term Programs

A person who has a long-standing addiction with years of abuse or a person who relapsed after a short-term program would both benefit from a long-term residential program.

Short-Term Programs

A person whose addiction just started spiraling out of control would be a good candidate for a short-term program. It offers a supervised environment with experienced staff.

Recovery Coaching

A unique service focused on learning and applying life skills to everyday life. It increases the person’s awareness and survival potential and helps them gain control over substances.

Other Treatment Methods & Types of Rehabs

More treatment methods and types of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities.

Rehab methods and types

Langford Drug Rehab The Right Service

Not everyone with an addiction needs the assistance of a residential drug or alcohol treatment centre. The degree of addiction determines the best options for the individual. Any facility in Langford, as with any other place, will assess the individual before intake. Here are some guidelines.

Medical Detox

While medical detox may not be required for most cases, individuals with severe alcohol dependency may find it essential. Detoxifying from alcohol and certain other substances can be intricate, physically challenging, and, in some cases, life-threatening. You can find further information on this process here.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Long-term & Short-term

The stage and the duration of the addiction influence the choice between a long-term or short-term residential program. A residential centre, also known as inpatient treatment, involves a stay in a structured environment. Numerous private rehab centres provide integrated detox services, eliminating the need to locate separate facilities for detox and addiction treatment. You can get more information on residential treatments here.

Outpatient, Addiction Counselling or Coaching

When one sees their control slipping away but still functioning in everyday affairs, an addiction counsellor or a day or evening program (outpatient) can be enough to help. Also, there are online or in-person coaches to help a person gain more control.

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Intervention in Langford

One of the worst things that can happen with families in Langford is when a member has an addiction but refuses to see it. Arguments and heated discussions occur, not to mention restless nights. There are many ways to tackle the problem. Some have success, while others fail. One common denominator is emotion and patience.

Sometimes, the situation is critical and cannot afford patience and time. Seeking help from a professional interventionist is often necessary in this case. Many private treatment centres have their own interventionist.

Here are a few articles that may help you in this endeavour.

You Are Not Alone in Langford

When the drug problem has been going on for some time, it can be overwhelming for families. A relatively happy, peaceful life switches to sleepless nights and worried days. That is why it’s also vital to seek help and support for yourself.

The Al-Anon and Na-Anon Groups are there to help families dealing with addiction. You can find support from others in the same situation. You can visit their site to find meetings in Langford.

We are here to lend a hand. We serve across Canada  and are confident in helping you find a drug rehab or an addiction service that will answer your needs.

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