Private Treatment Services for Squamish

We are not a treatment center but offer help to families looking for private rehab centers. If you are looking for a Squamish drug rehab, you most likely found out about the waitlist for admission. We have more that two decades of experience and know what Canada has to offer.

Receiving help for a loved one’s addiction can require some professional assistance. In Squamish, you can call our addiction referral counselors on our toll-free number. Our referral counsellors will work with you in finding the right private treatment center that is suited to your needs and situation. Not all  rehab centers can offer the right program.

If you want a public access treatment facility, we have compiled a small list of recommended centres on our Vancouver page.

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Local Squamish Drug Rehab Programs

It’s possible that you have searched out other resources and maybe you received some aid or guidance and perhaps not so much. But if you did not get the expected results from that resource then we may be your next stop. Here at Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we recognize the trouble that can arise from abuse to mind-altering substances. The amount of sorrow, lies, betrayals, etc. is very difficult for family members and friends.

Options for Treatment Centers for Squamish

How can anyone sit by and watch the person they care for destroy their life with an addiction to street drugs, abuse of medication, or alcoholism? We know something can be done about it. There is help in BC for Squamish residents.

There is certain information that may be of use to you in your search for a Squamish rehab facility. You, as a caring parent, have most likely questioned if you’ve done something wrong or whether you were a bad parent. Possibly you’ve been asking yourself dozens of other questions. But how did your son or daughter become addicted in the first place?

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Squamish Detox and Drug Rehab Services

Finding the right services

Depending on the case, one might just need addiction counselling as opposed to a residential treatment. There are a few things that are considered in choosing the right service. The drug of choice, addiction length, and severity are evaluated through an assessment by a professional. Any facility will do a thorough assessment when a person calls for service. Below are some of the programs offered across Canada.

  • Medical Detox
  • Regular Detox
  • Residential Rehabs or Inpatient (Long-term & Short-term)
  • Outpatient, Addiction Counselling or Coaching
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Treatment Methods & Types of Rehabs

Canada provides a variety of treatment methods and rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol addiction specifically tailored to the needs of Squamish residents. You can find more information on the available options by clicking TREATMENT METHODS.

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Bringing the Subject of Rehab

Very often, family members in Squamish talk to the person with addiction, but it ends with arguments and heated discussion, and anxiety sets in. “What am I supposed to do now?” Often, the family gives up out of sheer hopelessness or exhaustion.

Of course, speaking with them is the first action to help the person. There are successful ways to do so. We suggest being proactive. However, one must keep their emotion in check. Below are a few articles that can be useful to you. Hopefully, they will give you results. It takes time and patience, but it isn’t always feasible. The life of the person may be in danger in hard-core addiction.

If this is your case, we suggest a professional intervention to bring the person to understanding. Seeking professional help can promote positive change. Many private rehabilitation facilities include interventionist services, simplifying the process for the family.

When you Call From Squamish

When you call from Squamish, our referral counsellor will ask questions about the person’s life situation. From there, they will suggest the best-suited service and arrange contact.

At this point, they will reach out and answer any other questions you may have and finalize the admission. We will also keep in contact with you if you wish. You can call us back with any additional questions. If the chosen centre doesn’t work, another one can be suggested and contacted. We do not represent any centre and work across Canada. Our service is free.

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Or Contact us through
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For more public-access treatment programs, please follow this link ADIRS. They provide free, multilingual telephone assistance, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Their toll-free number is 1 800 663-1441. In the lower mainland, you can call this number 604 660-9382.


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