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If you are looking into Mission addiction treatment centers with immediate admission for your loved one, help is just a phone call away. Dial our toll-free number and speak with an experienced addiction referral counselor with extensive experience in the field of addiction.

We are not a rehab center but we can work with you in getting connected to a suitable residential private drug rehab center servicing Mission residents. There are affordable treatment centers and one may be right for you. 

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Families & Mission Substance Abuse Programs

We understand the trouble that comes with a loved one addicted to illicit drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol. We know the difficulties that these mind-altering substances bring to one and all. For a parent to observe their child changing physically and emotionally is not easy. It’s only natural for a parent or relative to want to help and guide them. But the addict is generally under the influence and only hears what they want. Which is usually anything related to their next fix. But this can be overcome with good professional guidance for you and your loved one, towards the right detox and drug rehab.

The Right Detox & Drug Rehab in Mission BC

The main difficulty that a parent will face is knowing the right detox or rehab for their loved one. Choosing where to send the person you want to help without assistance in BC can be challenging. There exist dozens of addiction treatment approaches available. There are detox centers with experienced staff who help, guide and keep close contact with the person throughout their withdrawal.

Where the addict was abusing prescription meds or large amounts of alcohol, they will normally need medical detox and close supervision. Depending on the substance abused, you will need to be informed on the services available. Our experienced referral addiction counselors can guide you to the best private treatment program suited to your exact needs and situation. Mission drug rehab centers may not have the right addiction treatment service.

Mission Drug Rehab & Referral Counselors

There are good reasons to get some guidance from a referral addiction counselor. The main one is that you will be faced with countless avenues alone. Speaking with our referral counselor, they will do a general case assessment and get the overall situation. Based on this information, they will be able to propose options for private drug rehabs.  So you can stop your search for a Mission addiction treatment center and call us. We service all of Canada.

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How to Talk About Rehab

In Mission, like anywhere else, arguments and heated discussions occur because of substance use disorder. When a family member has an addiction but refuses to see it, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. There are ways to avoid confrontation and have results when speaking to someone who has an addiction. When the situation is not dire, one can address it patiently and tactfully.

When the condition is too far gone, where patience and tactfulness might jeopardize the person’s life, we recommend a professional interventionist’s help. The great thing about private drug rehabs is that most have intervention services. Some will include the cost in their price, and others will charge extra.

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Mission Drug Rehabs & Wait Time

The most vital step is not adding time to this already risky situation. The higher the risk of relapse and overdose is when you wait. This is why we insist that family members decide and act fast and with conviction to follow through. Many struggling with substance abuse think they can deal with it themselves. Some will promise to stop but never do!

Seven out of ten people struggling with a drug problem will need professional help to recover. Statistics show that a refusal to accept help from a residential treatment facility often ends up in the ER, jail, or worse. Don’t let your loved one become a statistic; you can do something now.

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To find help for yourself with someone’s drinking or drug abuse visit these sites;

For a loved one’s drinking, visit Al-Anon BC  or for someone’s drug abuse, visit Nar-Anon BC.


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