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If you are searching for a Kamloops drug or alcohol rehab in the private sector, call us. We are not a treatment centre and do not represent any particular facility. We offer our help to people needing assistance to find the right centre. Our service is free. Helping you connect to affordable addiction services serving your community is our purpose.

We also assist you through the process up to admission. We have many years of experience in rehabilitation. Learn more about us here.

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Kamloops Drug Rehabs

Public Access Treatment Option

Public access drug or alcohol rehabs in Kamloops can have a long waiting list. Ask your family doctor or an addiction counsellor for the possibility of their referral to make admission faster. In some areas across Canada, a professional referral can make admission quicker.

Subsidized services are a good choice for people with light to moderate addictions. Some facilities will require the person to be substance-free several days before they enter the program. This situation is specific to centres that do not provide in-house detox. In such a case, the person must detox in one centre beforehand and stay “clean” if a bed is not readily available. It makes intake to public facilities a bit more difficult.

Following on this page are a few tips and guidelines for finding a facility.

The Right Service for Kamloops Residents

People have different needs when it comes to treatment. There are long and short-term programs, each to fit the needs of individuals. Moreover, you can find day, evening, and coaching services for those with a lighter addiction.

When calling a facility, they assess the individual’s addiction problem. The centre should do it before any admission process can begin. The drug of choice, addiction length, and severity of substance use are all factors in choosing the right centre.

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Also, the chosen program should relate to the person. For example, a faith-based method would not click with someone without religious beliefs unless they are ready and willing to change their philosophy.

Not Admitting a Problem or Refusing Help

For Drug Addiction Services Kamloops

Someone refusing to acknowledge a problem or needing help will require work. You might have attempted to talk with them on several occasions. And your attempts always end with arguments or even guilt trips. There are ways of approaching the situation that make life more bearable.

If the person’s addiction is not extreme, you can read the following articles to help them.


When the addiction has brought the person to the emergency room, one should look into an intervention. A group intervention can be highly emotional and should be done with guidance. It takes a level-headed person or someone who is not implicated to monitor the session. Following is an article on how the process goes.

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Kamloops Drug Rehab Referral Counsellors

The only real solution now is to receive professional addiction counselling from experienced counsellors. Families struggling with a loved one’s dependency may not know where to start. This is where our experienced referral addiction counsellors can be of assistance. There are many affordable treatment programs, and we can help in B.C.

When you speak with our referral counsellors, they will help you find the best solution for your loved one. If you are looking for a drug rehab centre in Kamloops and losing hope, call us for private rehab services. With the many existing drug rehabs, we can find one that suits your situation. Because of our experience in the field of rehabilitation, we are confident that we can guide you across Canada.

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To get support for yourself about someone’s drinking, or to find a meeting near you. Go to the Alanon website.


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