Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Westminster, BC

Do you want an affordable private drug or alcohol rehab in or around New Westminster? You don’t know where to start. There are so many private rehabs available in BC, and finding the right one can be challenging.

We are not a rehab or detox centre and do not represent any particular centre. We are independent agents working with families to find affordable treatment facilities in New Westminster or elsewhere.

We have been working in addiction since the start of the century. We know what families go through and what toll addiction has on one’s life and in the family.

If you read on, this page will give you information on locating the right treatment centre for the person you want to help. You can also call us or request a callback for help.

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Public Access Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Westminster

Westminster House for Women

228 7th Street,
New Westminster, BC
V3M 3K3


Last Door Recovery Centre for Men

327 8th Street,
New Westminster, BC
V3M 3R3


Frazer Health

403 Sixth Street, 2nd floor,
New Westminster, B.C.
V3L 3B1


You can find more facilities on our British Columbia page here.

Public Services Access in New Westminster

Public access services can be a good choice for some and difficult for others. The wait time is mainly long at government centres.

When looking for funded services, the recommendation is to ask about their detox. Some centres have in-house detox, which makes the transition from detox to rehab easier.

If they do not provide the service, they may have a groove in coordination with the service provider, and there is no waiting between them. So, it is a crucial point to investigate when calling a public drug or alcohol rehab in New Westminster.

Some facilities will ask the person to be substance-free for several days before admission. A person with a severe addiction will find it hard to stay ”clean” for a long period. This situation makes it difficult for them.

Detox & Drug or Alcohol Rehab New Westminster

Service Options

Options depend on the drug of choice, addiction length, and severity. Here are small descriptions. You will get more detailed descriptions here of each of the following services for New Westminster residents across Canada.

 Rehab types and approaches.
More on treatments

What is a Medical Detox Centre?

Medical detox is for some people but not mandatory for all. A person will need medical detox if they have;

  • a history of strong withdrawal symptoms.
  • a medical condition that may put their lives in danger.
  • a heavy use of alcohol.
  • a benzodiazepine dependency

Each case is different, and an assessment is done first to determine the type of withdrawal needed.

What is a Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

A residential or inpatient rehab is a live-in treatment program dedicated to those who need 24-hour support—suggested for people with medium to severe addiction.

Residential treatment can be a long-term or short-term stay. A short-term can be qualified as a stay of 21 to 30 days; anything above that is considered a long-term program.

What is an Outpatient Program?

An outpatient program is a stay-at-home treatment mostly for light addiction cases. It involves appointments several times a week with a counsellor and group therapy.

It can be good for someone who has a job and family obligations.

What is Addiction Counselling or Coaching?

This type of service is strictly for light cases of addiction. Some people may feel their control slipping away and want to do something about it. In this situation, addiction counselling or coaching can be a great choice.

You can find addiction counselling or coaching in New Westminster below:

A mother and a son arguing.

Talking About Rehab to Someone in New Westminster

Another difficult part of substance use disorder is talking to the individual about their problem. This is true for New Westminster as in any other place. For some people, the problem is very hard to admit. For example, a response can be, “I don’t have a problem.” Or “I can quit on my own any time I want to.”

So, how do you talk to someone about their addiction issues?

First, the family shouldn’t enable the person (See the article below). Second, you can approach the subject over time if the person’s life isn’t on the line (ODs, etc.). If the individual’s addiction is severe, it would be wise to have an intervention.

Suggested reading:

You Can Call Our Service for Assistance

If you need our help in New Westminster, call our number or request a callback. Our referral counsellors answer the call. They start with an assessment to determine the level of care the person requires.

Once they understand the situation well, they will suggest the best service for the individual. The facility may not be in New Westminster, but it would be the best option for that person.

Once you agree to a facility, they arrange for the centre to contact you. At this point, the facility can answer any remaining questions. If all is good, their intake counsellor will arrange the admission.

We also follow up to ensure you are happy with the choice and that all falls into place. If not, we can look for another rehab and have them call you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Westminster

Who We Are

We specialize in helping families in New Westminster and across BC find affordable addiction treatment in the private sector. We are independent agents working for and with families. We offer our help across Canada.

Having worked in the rehabilitation field, we saw how difficult it was for families to find affordable treatment. We also recognized that funded treatment had long waitlists, making recovery much harder.

We want to eliminate the burden families face when dealing with addiction.

You can find out more about us here.

What They Say

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To find support for yourself for someone else’s drinking, find an Al-Anon meeting.  If you need help for yourself concerning someone’s drug abuse, find a Nar-Anon meeting.


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