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We have been in the field since 2001 and know addiction. In Canada, there exist inexpensive treatment centres ready to serve Kelowna residents. We refer people to great centres across the country. Also, if your budget permits, we know more expensive facilities. The choice is up to you.

We are not a rehab centre but offer help to find affordable drug rehab centres in the private sector. If you’ve been searching for a Kelowna drug rehab, and want private, we can help. We understand that waiting for a bed to free up is not always an option.

It is notable to say that we also consult with families when they want to do something. Substance use disorder can be a complex issue and many don’t know where to start. We have more than 20 years of experience dealing with it and we can guide you.

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Drug Rehab Kelowna 

What Occurs When You Call Us 

When you call, we do an initial assessment, asking questions about the person you want to help. This information determines the treatment program that best suits this person. 

After the assessment, the drug and alcohol specialist suggests the best-fitted centre. We will then put you in contact with the treatment facility. Keep in mind that the facility may not be in Kelowna but somewhere else in BC. And we service all across BC.

Drug Rehab Kelowna & Quality Facilities

What Determines a Quality Centre

There are some things that families or the addicted should consider when searching for treatment centres in Kelowna or elsewhere. Consider the following:

  • Residential rehab is the better option. Long-term residential programs provide better therapy and aftercare options whenever possible. Individuals have more of an opportunity to address every aspect of their addiction. More on this type of rehab.
  • Therapy methodologies should be tailored to individual needs. Generally, the therapy or counselling approaches should meet the client’s needs. For example, they may require behavioral therapy, or contingency management.
  • Ensure the program provides aftercare support. Most residential treatment centres offer each client an opportunity to stay connected through groups, meetings, or a sober community.

In Kelowna or elsewhere, taking the necessary steps to ensure a quality program makes recovery more attainable. We offer our service across Canada.

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Drug Rehab Kelowna

What is the cost in the private sector?

The cost of private drug rehab varies and mostly depends on the time an individual spends in treatment.

Long-term residential  centres are more costly. Yet it is the best option to consider in most cases. Inpatient treatment costs can vary between $12,500 and $30,000. Some centres accept insurance coverage.

As you may know, BC Health covers public access resources for addiction. To find a funded service, you can consult this BC page.  Sometimes a referral note from a physician or an addiction counsellor can shorten the wait. So please try that approach.

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To find support for yourself about someone’s drinking, visit the Okanagan Al-Anon site.


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